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The Curious Castaway


The Curious Castaway:  Part 4

Again, many Castaway Stories spoilers here...  

Luckily, Vidcund was able to wrangle free of the jaguar.  

However, the tussle left him exhausted… and starving!  So, claiming the ceremonial staff would have to wait while he headed back home to get some rest and food.


It was also a good opportunity for some more spear fishing spam!



"I think we had one like you in the aquarium back home."

 "Damn it.  Where did that little bastard go?" 

  "Okay, enough with the spear-fishing spam already!  Don't I have a task to do or something?  And I really have to pee."

Oops, sorry, Vid. 


Nice peach pixel placement in that censor blur.  Morning wood, eh, Vidcund?    And  this is after  you’ve been fishing in that cold water!  *is impressed*

Fortunately, when Vid headed back to the crossroads, the jaguar was no longer there.  At least I didn’t see it, and it didn’t pounce on Vidcund again.  Whew!

So, he takes the discarded staff and heads back to the beach to attach it to his raft as the mast.

"Look!  I can make a pole stand up straight!  I mean... um...  that didn't sound quite right... "   *gets embarrassed*

Yes, Vid, honey.  It looks really nice. 

"You are talking about the mast, right?" 

Oh, is that what you call it?  *winks*

The professor shows up to check out Vidcund’s handiwork on the raft, and is suitably impressed.  Vidcund invites him to dinner to thank him for helping him out.

However, when they get back to Vidcund’s cabin, who do they find there but Hugh and his crew.

Vidcund is not particularly pleased, but the professor warns him to not be rash… as inept as Hugh et al may be, they might need their help at some point.  

So, always willing to give a second chance, Vidcund agrees to be hospitable.

He cooks for them,


And has a pleasant dinner conversation…


But once the meal is over, it’s obvious they haven’t changed.  


All in all, Vidcund was unimpressed with his guests, and is relieved when they wander off after the meal. 


The professor remains, however, and suggests to Vidcund he might try weaving a sail for his raft out of the tall grasses that grow in jungle fields that the native people use to weave mats.

As there are no other options for sail-making materials about, Vidcund heads off to gather the grasses.


He’s just about finished with his task when he hears a terrified scream!  

Oh no!  A small native girl is being chased up a tree by hyenas!!

Vidcund chases the hyenas away (sorry no good pictures of that), and rescues the girl.  

And she tells him he must come to her village to meet her people...



To Be Continued… 

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