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The Curious Castaway

No, this picture doesn't come into the story at all.  This interaction just never gets old.  Never.

The Curious Castaway, Part 5

As usual, major Castaway Stories spoilers in this post.

Vidcund followed the little girl through the jungle to the entrance of her village, where he was confronted by one of the Chief’s guards. 


Although outsiders are generally not welcome in the village, because Vidcund had saved the little girl, they were willing to give him a chance to see how well he was able to interact with the people… and they set him a task.  


Vidcund needs to meet and build a relationship with eight villagers (a la pledging a Greek House at Uni) and he sets off to find them and see what he can do for them.  They are highly varied, male and female, grouchy and nice, friendly and romantic, and in addition to talking with Vidcund, they give him gifts and tasks to perform.  

If he is able to successfully perform the tasks, he gets a relationship boost with them.

Check out this guy… this is Akolo.  HAWT?  Yes.   Conceited?  Yes.  Does anyone care?  No. 

*makes note of him for future use.*


By evening, Vidcund  has successfully developed a relationship with all the necessary natives, and he gets  a wonderful reward… a hug from sweet little Nihani, and a request for him to come talk with her mother, the wife of the Chief.


The chieftess is very pleased to see Vidcund (although this is a romantic interaction, it wasn’t used that way in the game, lol)  and tells him she will construct the sail for his raft.  


Vidcund also found a very special object buried in the sand on the beach.  

Ah, this is more like the Vidcund we know and love. 

"This reminds me of home."  Sigh.


Later, Vidcund is escorted to see the Chief, who tells him as a most honored guest of the village, he would like to invite him to the Volcano Festival. 

There’s only one catch.  Vidcund must not come unescorted to the festival as it may anger the volcano spirits.  He must choose a companion from among those he has met during his time in the village.  


Vidcund knows just the one… a beautiful Island girl named Taiapua.  We’ll call her Tai for short.  ;)


Let me give a shout out to my man Akolo!  Because he is hawt.  That is all. 

After the festival is over (and a successful first date with Tai as well) the Chief tells Vidcund he is welcome to stay with them as a member of their village.  Vidcund isn’t sure what to do, and heads back to his lagoon to think about it.

Vidcund ponders.  The island is beautiful, as is Tai… and he’s already more romantically attached to her than he’s been to anyone else.  But he misses Strangetown.  He misses his family.  He misses the arid days and freezing nights of the Desert.


His brothers and sister must think him long dead by now… 

Full of melancholia, Vidcund arrives back to his lagoon and discovers it’s been taken over by Hugh and his crew.  There’s trash everywhere.

His poor orangutan is in a frenzy.


Vidcund’s in no mood for this, and walks right up to Hugh and gives him a piece of his mind.    

Finally, Vidcund just says to forget it, and that he has a better place to go.   He walks back to the village to take the chief up on his offer.


A wonderful sight awaits him.

The islanders have given Vidcund his own house in their village!  


They’ve also brought him his raft, and the chieftess brings him the woven sail she promised.

As Vidcund is fixing the sail to his raft, however, Tai tells him not to dwell in the past, and look at what is right in front of him now.

“Could she possibly feel the same way about me as I do about her?”

The raft is nearly complete.  It needs just one thing more… a way to steer.  

The chief offers to have a rudder built, in exchange for a favor.   Years before, the tribe lived in another place.  But a curse befell them there, and many died.  In his haste to escape, the chief left a sacred ceremonial drum.

The shaman will not allow any of the tribe to return to the abandoned village, lest the curse find them again.  However, he may let Vidcund, an outsider, try to find the drum.  Vidcund needs to find the shaman and ask his permission to go there.


"Where does the shaman live?"


'We call it Creepy Hollow."


"Oh, of course you do."  *worries*


To Be Continued… 

I promise I'll have an update to Poison's Bend up tomorrow or the next day.  It's just that this game is so darn fun it's hard to stop playing, and since my playing time is limited, I've been focusing on this for now.  Hope no one minds... it is the weekend after all.  ;)

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