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Poison's Bend: Chapter 16

warnings: violence, language

Days, then weeks, passed after Lazlo’s mysterious disappearance.


I was frantic. I called his workplace, his family members,  his friends... all to no avail.



No one had seen him, heard from him or knew where he had gone. 

As time went on, I came to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, he had decided he was through with our marriage and had gotten out.

I was heartbroken.

“I can’t believe Uncle Lazlo just ran off and left you!” Johnny fumed.  “I mean, don’t get me wrong, Aerin... I’m happy we can be together out in the open now, but still... it’s not like my uncle to just leave without saying a word to anyone.”



“Maybe he found out something about us,” I sniffed. “Maybe he couldn’t deal with it, so he left.”

Lazlo left me!

“No, Aerin. If I know my uncle, if he found out something about us, he’d plant his fist in my face, not just walk away,” Johnny protested, shaking his head. “Uncle Lazlo might seem easygoing, but he does have a temper, and he doesn't always think before he acts.  I dunno... you sure he wasn’t cheating on you?   I know that girl that he used to date was calling here an awful lot...”


“Crystal.” I said, my voice filled with venom. “Yes, I remember.  Johnny... I feel so terrible about what we did! Whether he knew it or not, we still hurt Lazlo so badly, and now he’s run off with that tramp! I just know it!”

I began to sob. 

I found it so hard to believe Lazlo had gone!


Gone... but not away...

I thought he loved me enough to work through whatever problems we might have!

It appeared I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.



“It’s all right, Aerin,” Johnny soothed, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “I’m still here, and I love you.  We can’t get married... technically you’re still married to Uncle Laz and I’m still legally married to Ophelia, but we can still be together... Please...”

I wiped my eyes.

Life went on, did it not?


“Johnny, I’m so happy you’re here with me now,” I said, smiling shakily. “Being with you is what’s going to get me through this. You mean the world to me, cher... and I’d do anything for you!”

He held me close.


I meant it.

I did.

I would do anything for Johnny. he would soon find out.






General Buzz Grunt's eldest son Tank had finally made something of himself.


He had graduated college at the top of his class, majoring in politics; found a high-ranking position in the military and had quickly worked his way up, becoming a general in less time even than his father had.

Buzz would be proud of him, I knew.

He lived in a small apartment on the outskirts of downtown SimCity, and for the most part, I did not have any contact with him. He did, however, come to visit his father’s and brother’s graves several times a year.

I did not have a problem with that.


I thought it appropriate that he pay his respects. 

However, the newest member of my household did not like it one bit.


“What in the hell is he doing here?” Johnny hissed, standing at the conservatory windows one morning.


I peered out the window as well. “It’s just Tank Grunt,” I said, puzzled. “He’s visiting his father and brother’s graves. He does that every now and then when he gets a chance. It’s okay, Johnny... he doesn’t hurt anything...”

“It is not okay!” Johnny said angrily, punching his fist into his open palm.

I was genuinely confused. “What do you...”


“I hate that guy!” Johnny interrupted. “If you only knew how much, Aerin! I can’t stand the sight of him, and I don’t want him walking around your property!”

I gazed at Johnny in shocked confusion. I had never seen him so upset.



“Johnny, he has every right to visit...”

“Not while I’m here, he doesn’t!” Johnny said vehemently. “I mean it, Aerin. The only way he needs to be here is if he’s in that graveyard right alongside his father, and to tell you the truth, I’d be happier if he was!”

He turned angrily from me and stared out the window again, his fists clenching and unclenching; clearly wanting to thrash Tank Grunt within an inch of his life.

“You hate him that much?” I asked, lightly laying a hand on Johnny’s arm.

“I despise him,” Johnny answered fiercely.


“It would make you happy if he was dead?”

“I’d dance on his fucking grave, right after I pissed on it.” Johnny smirked, then he turned abruptly from the window, took me in his arms, and kissed me roughly.

I couldn’t help but respond to Johnny’s embraces, but my mind was reeling with what he had just said.


Would  Tank Grunt’s death please him so much?

I wondered...

Had I not said I would do anything for Johnny?



To Be Continued...

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