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The Curious Castaway


The Curious Castaway, Part 6

Warnings: Castaway Stories spoilers.

Vidcund needs a bit of R&R before he sets off to Creepy Hollow, so he stays at his new residence for a few days, thinking all the while how peaceful and beautiful his island home is.


And then, too… there is Tai.

Vidcund:   *trying his best to be seductive and failing miserably*  “Well, Tai… I’m heading off to see the shaman today.   I might not come back… “ 


Tai:  *giggles*  “That’s the oldest line in the book, Vidcund.  You know the customs of my people.  I must be a virgin on my wedding night.”

Vidcund: *sighs and thinks*   That’ll be you and me both.


Tai:  “How about I give you a kiss for good luck, instead?”

Vidcund: “That’ll work.” 

Vidcund found the shaman with surprisingly little difficulty, and spoke to him about returning to the abandoned village.  

But the shaman was admant.  No one could ever return to the forbidden village.  Not unless the sacred idol, which had been stolen many years before, was returned.  

Sacred idol?  

Could it possibly be the same idol of unknown origin that Vidcund had found in the jungle?

Vidcund tells the shaman that he might be able to return the missing idol, and if he does, would he then be able to enter the deserted village?

The shaman says he would, but has doubts as to Vidcund’s ability to return the idol.  The hunters of the tribe had searched for many moons and had not been able to find it.  What makes this outsider think he could succeed where so many had failed? 


Vidcund isn’t at all sure the idol he had so carefully placed on the ruined shrine in the jungle is the same one the shaman is talking about, but it’s worth a try.

So he brings the idol back to the shaman and…


…gets a very unexpected reaction.

(again, this is a romantic action but not used that way in the game, lol. Isn’t it funny?)



The shaman is obviously thrilled to have the idol back in his possession, and gives Vidcund permission to explore the deserted village.    However, he tells him that the entrance to the village is guarded by a fierce jaguar, Mata.

"Oh, yes… I think I’ve met her…”

The shaman tells Vidcund to pick a leaf from a nearby bush, as it has qualities that tame the savage beast (I’m wondering what that leaf actually is, lol) and Vidcund does so… stuffing a few leaves in his pockets before heading out into the jungle again.


It’s surprisingly easy to get past Mata.  
Those must be some strong leaves!


And cautiously, Vidcund enters the Forbidden Village.


The chief’s hut isn’t difficult to find, owing to the large and ornate throne it houses.

Vidcund opens the decorated basket on the side deck… but it’s empty!  Or was it?

It’s a ghost!

The spirit begs for Vidcund's help.  Because the tribe left so quickly due to the curse, they did not take the time to properly honor their dead.   Until his urn and the urns of his fellows are moved to their rightful places in the ancient burial ground, they will never be at peace.  

Vidcund stares at the urn the ghost left behind.  He takes it, unsure of where to place it… but he can’t think about that now.

He travels through all the village, releasing the spirits and salvaging their urns. 


Yes, he attained platinum aspiration about halfway through, lol. 

When he had the final urn in his hands, the first ghost reappeared and told him where to find the burial ground. 


It was easy enough to place the urns on the pedestals, 


…and as Vidcund sets the last one, the first ghost appears again and tells him the drum is now back in the chief's basket.  Out of spite, the spirits had hidden it.  

Now that they are at peace, they no longer have any reason for malice. 


Vidcund takes the drum and brings it to the chief.

The chief is thrilled, and in his joy, announces a great luau to celebrate!


“Come with me, Ku`u Lei.  You cannot miss the luau…”



To Be Continued… 

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