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The Curious Castaway


The Curious Castaway, Part 7

Warnings: Castaway Stories spoilers

At the luau, Vidcund partakes of many Island customs, including an intoxicating beverage dubbed “Volcano Water,” 

"Did sounds always have a taste?"

Limbo dancing,


And walking over hot coals.  

He and Tai also declare their love for one another.

(This “first kiss” interaction happens as part of the story.  It made me laugh, because in my gameplay I’d already had them kiss about 20 times, lol.)


As the evening draws to a close, the chief gives Vidcund the rudder for his raft to sail back to his home.

...but at the mention of Vidcund leaving, Tai bursts into tears and flees the luau.

Vidcund starts after her, but is stopped by the chieftess, who tells him that in time, Tai will forget him, and move on.


That thought doesn’t make Vidcund feel better at all.   He loves Tai, and she loves him!

Yet Vidcund  is very confused by his feelings, and is also befuddled by the potent Volcano Water.   Now might not be the time to make hasty decisions. 

He thinks the best thing to do would be to go to his hut and sleep… and think about his dilemma in the morning.   Should he stay or go?


And as he’s making his bed the following day, Vidcund realizes he doesn’t want to leave the island.


It’s true, he misses his family, but perhaps he could contact them somehow and let them know he’s alive and well… and has found love and happiness where he is.  Perhaps they could even come to visit him!

But first, he has to find Tai and tell her he’s decided to stay.

Vidcund hurries through the village to the harbor, noticing there hardly seems to be anyone about.   Before he has much time to wonder why, however, little Nanihi finds him and tells him her father, along with several other villagers, had gone deep into the jungle because of an emergency.

Worried about Tai, Vidcund heads into the jungle as well. 

He sees a horrifying sight.  Tai is standing at the foot of the volcano shrine, ready to sacrifice herself!  Vidcund runs to save her, but is stopped by the chief.

The chief tells Vidcund that Tai has been cursed, as have several others in the village.  They have angered the volcano spirirts and they all must flee again.

Vidcund tells the chief that what is wrong with Tai is not a curse… it’s the mysterious disease he himself was afflicted with earlier, and that he was cured with medicine and is now immune. 

The chief does not believe him.  It is a curse, not a disease… and no one is immune!

“I am, and I’ll prove it.” 

Boldly, Vidcund walks over to Tai and kisses her.  


The earth starts to shake.

“Damn, this is some kiss…” 

No, the volcano is erupting!

The chief is convinced Vidcund has angered the volcano even more… but is amazed when he is unaffected by the curse.

“I’m telling you, it is a disease, and it can be cured with medicine.”

The chief rejoices.  If it can be cured, the people are saved!   However, Vidcund must break the news that he doesn’t know where there is any more medicine… except back in Strangetown.  He must try to make it home and back with medicine to save Tai and the village.

He tells Tai he has decided to stay with her, and as soon as he returns with the medicine, they can be together.  Tai says she will stay strong and wait for him to return.


Vidcund makes the final adjustments to his raft and prepares to set sail.

But the volcano is still sporadically erupting, and balls of fire fall from the sky… burning the raft’s sail to ashes!


Right about then, the Professor shows up.  (He does have a habit of popping in at the most convenient times!)   Vidcund tells him about the dying people, and that he now has no sail… with no time to waste.


He doesn’t know what to do!

The Professor recalls there is an abandoned research facility on the island.  Maybe there will be something there that Vidcund can use as a sail. 

It’s Vidcund’s only hope to save Tai and her people.  It’s a long shot, but he is determined to try.




To Be Continued… 

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