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The Curious Castaway




The Curious Castaway:  Part 8
Warnings: Castaway Stories spoilers

Vidcund found the abandoned research  facility with little trouble.

"Now this looks like my kind of place."


"Wait, is that a plane?" 

Even though he was pretty sure it wouldn’t work, he had to try to start the plane.   But of course, it didn’t turn over.


"It’s probably a good thing, anyway… I have no idea how to fly."


Yet he did find a parachute near the plane, and he took it back with him.


It made a perfect sail.


However, the professor showed up again (funny how he keeps doing that!) and  tells Vidcund that he may not have time to sail all the way back to Strangetown.  He doesn’t even know for sure which way to go.  And what if something happens on the way there or back?   There’s another solution…


He goes on to say the mysterious disease came from the idol that protected a sacred temple.  The cure must be in the temple as well… but in order to get into the temple, Vidcund must retrieve the Staff of Tizu, which has been hidden in a hollow tree on another island.


Vidcund begins to wonder exactly how the old man came across all his knowledge, but he can’t stop to worry about that now.  Time is running out, and the professor was right… the odds he would be able to sail to Strangetown and back before Tai and the others died were very slim… assuming he could even find his way or didn’t get eaten by sharks before he got there.


So, he pushed his raft into the water, and landed on Volcano Island. 


He hadn’t walked far on the beach, however, when he came across a man lying prone in the sand.


Reviving the man, Vidcund found out he was the chief engineer aboard the ill-fated ship.  He said he was injured and surely dying, but warned Vidcund to beware of the professor!  It was the professor that caused the wreck!


Then the man collapses and dies with Vidcund helplessly watching.


Not wanting to leave the man’s urn alone on the beach, Vid takes it with him… vowing he will get to the bottom of this with the professor as soon as he sees him again!



The staff is just where the professor told Vidcund it would be, and Vidcund takes it, trying to ignore the angry rumbles of the volcano.  He heads back to his raft, and makes his way to the village.


The chief tells him all the people are sick now, and that the professor is waiting for Vidcund at the temple.    Vidcund angrily storms off to confront the old man.


Finding the professor at the temple, Vidcund demands he tell him the whole story.

It turns out the professor had been here before, as part of a research team sent to study the native culture, and he had  stolen the Staff of Tizu once he had learned of its might.  He hid it from his fellows, hoping to sneak it back with him to civilization and use it to gain wealth and power.   

However, the natives had driven all of them from the island, and the professor had not ever been able to retrieve the staff.  Not until now, when he’d had Vidcund do his dirty work for him.


“Give me the staff, Vidcund.  No matter how or why you have it, the fact remains the cure for the disease could still be in that temple.”


“No.  I won’t give it to you!  You tell me how to use it and I will open the temple myself.  Then the staff goes back to its rightful owners.”


Resigned, the professor tells Vidcund the staff’s power comes from the heart of he who wields it.  All Vidcund has to do is visualize his desire, and the staff will cause it to be.  If, of course, Vidcund has the strength of will.


Vidcund has more than the strength of will.  He has the strength of love.


The doors to the temple fly open.


Pushing past Vidcund, the professor rushes into the temple toward a Cup, which he snatches from its place and drinks deeply.


Vidcund is shocked to see the professor grow younger right before his eyes!  Laughing maniacally, the now-young professor screams of the power he will have, and those he will dominate!  For he has the power of eternal life and youth!  He will be a god!


Dismayed, Vidcund turns to see the shaman, who had been quietly observing all this time.  


“You have the power to judge him, Vidcund.   Do you not hold the Staff of Tizu in your hands?”


Vidcund lifts the staff and points it at the madman, summoning the power of truth and justice… and willing it to materialize…



Vidcund:  "Maybe this time, he won’t end up being corrupted by power."     


Shaman:  “So it is another chance you give him.  And a new life, when you could have sentenced him to a justifiable death."


“You are wise as well as merciful, Vidcund.  A death would have solved nothing; would have given nothing back.  Now he has a chance to prosper… and contribute to his people.  And now, let us return to the village.  There is much to be done.”


Carrying the small boy in his gnarled arms, the shaman leaves the temple.  Vidcund tries to tell him there was no cure for the disease hidden inside the temple, and the people are doomed… but the shaman is gone before he can bring himself to say the words.


With a heavy heart, Vidcund heads back to the village also.


He sees a horrible sight… Tai is laying on the sand, near death.   


And she’s not the only one.  Bodies are everywhere, including the chief.  They’re not  dead yet, but they are dying.  



The shaman speaks from behind him.  “Use your power to heal them.  With the Staff."


Suddenly full of hope again, Vidcund points the staff at Tai, visualizing her whole and sound, and a soft blue glow hovers over her as the disease is purged from her body.


It works!  Tai is healthy again, and soon all the rest of the village is as well!


Wasting no more time, Vidcund asks Tai to marry him.


Check out the ring box.  Very tribal!


Tai accepts of course, 


… and as the sun sets there on the beautiful tropical shores, Vidcund finally makes his island love his wife.  And they’ll live happily ever after.



The Beginning.

And so ends my interpretation of the Maxis scripted story.  I have followed the storyline, adding my own dialogue and drama here and there... and now Vidcund and Tai are married and living in their little island home as normal, playable sims.   

Although I fully intend on playing them until at least five generations, I *probably* won't write a full story about it, mostly because the picture-taking for this game is such a pain.  ;)   I will, though, post updates of their children, and their children's children... and any interesting things that happen to them in their jungle home. 

Thank you for reading! 

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