Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Freaking out a bit...

 I'm sort of freaking out.  

I had a tubal ligation done this past March.  Forgive me if I'm unsure of all the dates, etc. that I'm about to discuss.   I really wasn't keeping close track of my cycle.

I do know the date of my last period though... May 17. That's what started this whole thing.  I'm going to the doctor today (for help with weight loss) and they always want to know the date of your last period so I thought I'd better look it up.

I remember I had some streaky spotting (sorry if too much information... you were warned, lol) around the end of May. I thought at the time, "That's wierd. Maybe it's from ovulation." because I had heard that could happen and I went on my merry way and didn't think anything more about it.

Then I had some more spotting (pinkish to brownish) sometime during the 2nd week in June. I thought good old Aunt Flo was starting, but nothing came of it and it went away.   Again, I didn't think much of it... not keeping track of such things.

So last night after I looked up the date of my last peiod I'm thinking, this would be cycle day 31.  


Well, maybe. Because I don't know for sure when or if I actually ovulated, I don't know for sure if I'm actually late. But it was late enough to make me panic just a little.

I didn't have any home pregnancy tests in the house (I mean, why would I, right?)   but I did have a few ovulation predictor tests left over.  Now the thing about ovulation predictor tests is while they do detect the LH surge which preceeds ovulation, they also turn positive in the presence of Hcg, which is the hormone that makes pregnancy tests positive.   So of course I peed on one of those last night before I went to bed and guess what... it was BLARINGLY positive with the test line being way darker than the control.

So I'm either ovulating really late or pregnant.  *scream!*  But if I'm pregnant there's a huge chance it could be ectopic so I'm a little freaked out right now. I wouldn't mind another baby (what's one more?) but my OB told me she burned off two inches of tube on each side, so the odds of a successful uterine implantation even if there was conception are very slim. 

I know what I need to do is mention it to the doctor and have them test me (it's a family doc, not an OB but I'm sure they still would) or just get some home pregnancy tests while I'm out and test at home. But I just needed to write it all down because it's freaking me out.  

Yikes!  Here's to a late ovulation, eh?   *clinks cup*

Tags: real life
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