Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

The Curious Castaway: I found the professor!

I had wondered what happened to the toddler-ized Professor Winford Rinehart at the end of the scripted Maxis Castaway story... and I found him!  

Remember, he was carried off by the shaman?

Well, the shaman becomes a playable character in the neighborhood once you play through the story and it ends... and today I found his lot and went in... and there's the professor!


He's sitting out where the "mailbox" would be if the jungle had mailboxes, lol!

Just look at those cheeks, lol!  I just want to pinch them!

So the old shaman and the reborn professor are destined to become a family.

Raising a toddler is a lot of work for a man the shaman's age, but he's confident he'll be able to give the little one a good start this time.

These two are so adorable to play.   Nice job on this one, Maxis!!!   

And oh... if anyone has any suggestions as to why my screenshots are blurry, please let me know.  When I take the screenshot, it's clear... when I save it in my Paint program, it's clear, but when I upload it to Photobucket it gets a little blurry... is it because of Photobucket maybe?   *shrugs*

Tags: castaway stories, the curious castaway
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