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The Curious Castaway, a Legacy


Warnings: Castaway Stories spoilers and language

“Oh look!  Here they come!”


“What is it, what is it?  Oh, ow!  It hurts my ears!”

“Don’t worry, Kea, it’s called a helicopter.   Uncles Pascal and Lazlo are flying here in it.”


“They’re flying?”

“Yes and we better hurry.  That helicopter can get to the other side of the island a lot faster than we can.”

“Damn it’s good to see you, Vid.  We thought you died… the reports said there were no survivors from the cruise ship at all…”


“We thought we’d never see you again.”


“Jenny was totally flipping out.”


“She wanted to come too, but she won’t leave home… Ophelia’s due any day now, and Jenny won’t miss the birth of her first grandchild for anything." 


“We told her we’d fly her ass out here someday real soon though. “


“Yes, and then she can bring her whole family too.  Children, grandchildren, and all.”


“Speaking of children…  oh, shit, Vid.  You can’t deny this one at all, can you?”


“Hey there  you little rugrat! Come say hello to your Uncle Lazlo!”


“Where is your wife, Vidcund?”    *looks around for hot island chicks*

 “She’s at home, waiting on us to get there!  I can’t wait for you to meet her.  Come on!”


“So you’re Tai.  Well, Vidcund didn’t exaggerate at all in his letter.  You are gorgeous.”


“Don’t mind him.  We’re glad to have you in the family, Tai.”

"Welcome to the island, Ohana."


“Oh, by the way, Vidcund… we brought a lot of extra clothes, if you’d rather wear something not so… um… broken in." 

“Yes I would, Pascal.  Thank you.  You have no idea…"


I tried to wear village clothing, but it just didn’t suit me.  It’s okay for Tai and Kea, but…”


“You’d rather wear something more like what you're accustomed to.” 



“Well, come back with me to the lab and we’ll get you something.  I think our luggage has been brought there by now.  Besides, we can use your help setting up the research.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


“This place is great, Pascal.  I didn’t take the time to look around much when I was here before.  But it has everything you need, doesn’t it?


“Yes, I think we can make it work.  Once we give it a thorough cleaning.”


“Here’s those clothes I was telling you about.  We’re still the same size, I think.”


“Bet Tai would love to see you in these, eh, Vid?”

*averts eyes*   “Um… she really doesn’t have much use for clothes, Lazlo.”


“Oh,  really?”

“Well, I meant clothes like  we’re wearing…”

“Sure,  Vid.  Sure.”  


“Goodbye, Vidcund.  It’s going to be great seeing you all the time again.”

“It sure is.  I’d love to stay longer and help you out more, but I need to get home to Tai and Kea.”


“No problem.  I wanted to get some stargazing in tonight before I give in to this jet lag.   I’ve heard the constellations look amazing from here.”

"Oh, they do.  Have fun, Pascal."




“Rise and shine, big brother!  Just because you were stargazing all night doesn’t mean you get out of work today!”


*yawns*   “Isn't there any coffee?   And since when have you cared about work?”


“Since it became okay to go to work in my skivvies.”


“Well, we can’t stay in our skivvies, as you call them, all day, Lazlo.  What if someone drops by?  Vidcund said the villagers here are very friendly.”

“You don’t say?”


“Well, I think I’m really going to like it here.”


“Filthy.  Gods, it’s just filthy…”



More to Come…

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