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Challenge 007: Song Lyrics: "I Want You Bad" -- the Offspring.

This is an excerpt from Generation 9 of my soon-to-come Legacy that I thought would fit this Challenge quite nicely.  Enjoy!

I Want You Bad -- the Offspring
Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex

On the campus of La Fiesta Tech, Payton Grundstrom was sitting miserably in his dorm room, staring blankly at the college assignment on the desk in front of him.  


The radio was blaring loud rock music; he was trying to block out everything except his work, but he wasn’t having much success.

...I want you bad...
Complete me...
Mistreat me...
I want you to be bad....


Why was it, Payton thought irritably to himself, that the radio station he listened to had the uncanny ability to play songs that elicited thoughts he would rather not have?  Years could go by, and they’d never play an old song by the Offspring, but then, out of the blue... 

Damn it! 

Payton threw his college assignment across the room, watching it hit the wall and slide down, landing with a rustle of papers. He simply could not think about class work right now.  Amy Standish, the love of his life, his fiancee, the woman he had promised to marry, had just left, very confused and hurt, and she had every right to be! He had refused to make love with her... claiming he was too tired; that he had so much work to do; that he was too distracted by his upcoming finals...


Of course, all of those excuses were lies. 

Yet, how could he tell Amy the truth?  How could he look her in the eyes and say that he could never bring himself to touch her again after what he had done with her own twin sister?  Not only because of the guilt he felt, although that was a huge part of it, but because she looked so much like Anna.  He knew he’d unconsciously be thinking about Anna… comparing Amy to Anna… and wondering why in the hell  Amy didn’t make him feel the way Anna had!

It wasn’t fair to Amy, so he had let her leave.  So he could study.  However, even though he did sit down and try to concentrate, images of Anna and that horrible, wonderful, frighteningly exciting afternoon kept invading his mind.



...I mean it...I need it..
I want you bad...

“Oh, God...” he moaned aloud, holding his head in his hands. “What am I going to do?” He couldn’t keep doing this to Amy! She and Anna looked so similar.  She’d always be a reminder, much as he hated to think it! Could he honestly make himself believe he’d never think of Anna when he was in bed with Amy? That was so heartless. He couldn’t spend the rest of their days together comparing Amy with her twin sister!

He angrily stood up from his desk chair, walked out of his dorm room, and headed out to the first bar he could find, where he intended to drink himself into oblivion.  



He had decided there was only one answer. As much as it nearly killed him to do it, he was going to have to break off his engagement with Amy, and let her find someone else. Someone who, hopefully, wouldn’t do what he had done. Someone who would remain true to her the way she deserved. Someone who wouldn’t allow her twin sister to change the way he would interact with women for the rest of his life.


Anna had both spoiled Payton and ruined him, and he’d never forgive her for that. 


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