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Poison's Bend... A Tale of a Strangetown Black Widow



Poison's Bend, Chapter 22

Time passed.


The years were encroaching upon me... darkening my face and body, just as surely as the shadows were darkening my soul. 

The spiraling... I feel the spiraling...


...down, down, down...

How happy I was that Catherine was not here to witness her mother’s decline the way I had witnessed that of her grandmother! Catherine was not here! She was safe! She was gone! Away from the poison that haunts my life and flows through my




Oui, she was safe.

She was!


“Mother? Mother, are you home?” Catherine’s voice floated over the air to my ears as I sat, despondent, on the floor of my bedroom, as I did so often these days.  “Mother?”


My head snapped up.

Oh no...

What was she doing here?

“Just a moment, Catherine,” I called, rising and composing myself as best as I could. Finally I walked out to greet my daughter and found she was not alone.



A dark-haired, doe-eyed young man was with her. Stunned, I gazed from Catherine to him and back again, and suddenly, I knew...

Catherine, no!

“Mom, it’s so good to see you!” Catherine said brightly, giving me a warm hug. She seemed happier than she’d been in a long time, and although I was glad to see it, I knew it was only because of the man by her side.

A chill of dread ran through my body.

Too soon it’s starting for her... Too soon!


“Mom? This is Ajay Loner,” Catherine chirped breathlessly. “He’s my fiancé.” She held his hand and gazed at him adoringly. 


My heart was sinking, even as I smiled politely  and shook the young man’s hand. 

It was too late for me, I knew that now... but Catherine’s life was just starting! She was innocent! She must not suffer my fate! It had to stop! It had to end!


My daughter would be saved! 

She would!


Catherine, forgive me... I can’t let you do this!


To Be Continued...

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