Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

The Curious Castaway

The Curious Castaway; Gen 1.3
Warnings:  language.


Kea: *whining*  “Why do I have to do this, Makuakane?”

Vidcund:  “Because, Kea…  Now that your uncles have brought these materials, there’s no reason not to learn all you can during your childhood years, no matter where you live.”

Kea: *fidgets*  “But none of my friends have to do this!”

Vidcund:  “None of your friends are my children.  Now explain to me how…” 

Kea:  “Oh, kokami!”


Tai:  *from other room*  Kea Jennifer Curious!  I do not want to hear that kind of language from you ever again, do you hear me?”


Vidcund:  “What did she say?” 

Tai:  “I think the nearest translation to English is… “Goddamn it!”


 “Kea!  Where did you learn that?”


Kea: *grins*  “From Akolo.”


“Akolo!  Well, that little son of a bit..."


*clears throat*  “Ku ‘u Lei… your brother is here.”


Vidcund: “Come in here, Lazlo.  What’s going on?”

Lazlo: “Vid!  Vid, you have to come.  You’ll never guess what happened!!

Vidcund:  “What?  Is anything wrong?”


Lazlo:  “No!  No, it was the coolest fucking  thing ever, Vid!  Pascal was abducted by aliens.”

Vidcund:  “What?”


Lazlo:  “No shit, man!  Just now!  I saw it for myself!  Come on, you have to be there when they bring him home!”


Vidcund:  “Well is he…  um… Is he going to get, you know… pollinated… from this?

Lazlo:  “Who the hell knows, man!  Let’s go!”




Lazlo:  “Pascal, are you okay, man?”

 Vidcund:  “How do you feel?”



Pascal:  “I feel… I feel… um….”  *strained voice*  “Could you excuse me for a moment?”



Lazlo:  “Well, call me crazy, but I think he feels knocked up.”



Vidcund:  “You just rest, Pas.  We’ll be right here if you need us.”

Pascal:  “Okay.  Thanks, Vid.”


Lazlo:  “How is he?”


Vidcund:  "He seems fine.  Any coffee left?

 Lazlo:  “Help yourself.”


Lazlo:  “Wow, Vid.  I just can’t believe it.  A baby!  Although it’s going to put a real kibosh in the research.  I hope the dudes who are doing the financing for this project understand...”


Vidcund:  “Why should it affect the research?  I’m here aren’t I?  I’ll help out, you know that.”

 Lazlo:  “It’s going to be so awesome, Vid.  I can’t wait.”


Vidcund:  “We should take him to see the shaman.   Tai went to him when she was pregnant with Kea and he was really good.  He has herbs and things for the morning sickness…”


Lazlo:  “Yes, I think we should, Vid.  The sooner the better.”



Shaman:  “You were taken by the menehune.  The ones who watch.   Is this so?”

Pascal:  “Yes, I… well, I was…”


Shaman:  “And now your life is no longer your own.  You are hapai.  Pregnant.  Yes?”

Pascal:  “Well, I’m not certain, but… “


Shaman:  “Do not fear.  This is a great gift.  The menehune have not given a child to any of our people for many generations.  You are favored.”


Pascal:  “I don’t feel so favored right now.”


Shaman:  “Come inside…  I will help you.”




Winford (the professor):  “I remember you, you know.”

Vidcund:  “You do?”



Vidcund:  “I’m sorry about what happened.”


Winford:  “What are you talking about?”


Vidcund:  “Well, at the Temple, I sort of turned you into a… “


Winford:  “My kupunakane says you saved my life.”

 Vidcund:  “Your… ?“


Winford:  “Grandfather.  I know he is not.  Not really, but… “ *shrugs*  “It doesn’t matter.  He is ohana.”

Vidcund:  “Family.”

Winford:  “Yes.”


Vidcund:  “Are you happy, Winford?”


Winford:  “I am… amazed.”


“For too long I lived with no other purpose than to achieve power to use for my own needs.  Now, thanks to my grandfather’s training,  I have that power… but the only purpose I want to use it for now is the needs of others.”


“That makes me very happy.”


“Kupunakane says I will become a great shaman.  He says not many have had the chance to learn as much as I have from life, and I have you to thank for that, Vidcund.”

“To me, you are also ohana.”




Lazlo:  “Ready, Vid?  Time to head back to the lab.” 


Shaman:  “Come and see me as often as you wish.  All of you.”

Pascal:  “We will.”


Vidcund:  “Are you feeling better, Pascal?”


Pascal:  “Yes.  Much.  Thanks for suggesting we come here, Vidcund.  The shaman is really excited about it.  He says it’s a favorable sign.”


Vidcund:  “Well, why wouldn’t it be?  Since when have we Curiouses not been favorable?”



Vidcund:  “… and so now, he’s pregnant. “


Vidcund:  “What  do you think about that, Kea?  By the time your little cousin gets here, you’ll be old enough to babysit!”


Kea:  *is excited.*

Tai:  *muses*  “I had heard men could be given hapai from the menehune, but it has not happened in so long… I did not know whether to believe it.”


Vidcund:  “Well, believe it, Tai.  You’re going to be an aunt soon!”



More to come… 

Author's Note:  We're assuming Pascal didn't already have an alien baby... because technically in this game, he hasn't. :P

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