Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

The Standish Legacy

Prologue: Generation One

This is it. This is all I have. A barren chunk of wasteland.


Morgana Standish stood alone on her inheritance, a rough piece of desert that seemed to be miles away from anywhere.  She couldn't believe this was all her parents had been able to leave for her, yet she shouldn't be surprised. She well remembered how it had been, there at the end. How ill her father had much money it had taken for his doctors and surgeries...all to no avail. 

Her poor mother had just pined away into her grave after that, leaving Morgana to handle all the expenses of the estate. There had been attorneys and creditors accosting her every time she picked up the phone. 

Morgana knew better than anyone how little there was left.

Only this. This isolated desert. She knelt down, scooped up a handful of the dry sand and let it slowly trickle through her fingers. Hot tears fell from her light blue eyes onto the ground and were instantly boiled away by the sun. Handling her family's affairs during all her teenage years had left no time for socialization, and Morgana was incredibly lonely. 

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Morgana, she told herself firmly. You may have nothing left of the family you were born to except this land, but you're not just anyone. You're a Standish. Your family was great once, it can be so again...


She stood, a dry wind ruffling her chestnut brown hair, and stared out into the east, a small hope rising in her as sure as the sun. 

It will be so again...

To Be Continued...

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