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The Standish Legacy



Generation One:  Morgana:  Part One.
...and yes I did use Hot Blond Downtownie!  *giggle*



“Sure...sure...Christian, is it?  Sure, I’ll go Downtown with you. Thank you for calling to invite me...” Morgana hung up the phone and shook her head slightly with bewilderment. She didn’t ever recall meeting this Christian Bui, and had no idea why he would call and invite her anywhere

However, he seemed friendly, and Morgana desperately needed a friend.

Earlier that day, she had contacted a small construction crew to put up what could only be described as a shack on her desert property. She was embarrassed by it, but it was all she could afford.



Basically, it was just four walls, a small single bed, a rickety bookshelf, a refrigerator, toilet, shower, sink, chair, telephone, and a small table. The floor was the warm sand of the Desert.  She couldn’t even afford a stove, so it looked like she’d be living on cereal and instant meals for a while. 

There hadn’t been enough money for anything else, but Morgana felt confident that would soon change. 

She’d gotten the best paying job available to someone with her qualifications...a recruit with the military.  She didn’t quite see herself as the military type, but she shrugged it off. She had to have money to live, after all. There would be plenty of time to change jobs later, if she were so inclined.

Morgana breathed deeply of the rapidly cooling Desert breeze as she waited outside her open front door for the taxicab that would take her out with Christian.



Her home was stuffy; there hadn’t been enough money for windows, and the open doorway was her only ventilation. She had told the construction crew she’d be calling them back as soon as she was fiscally able to do more to the house, trying to ignore the looks of pity they’d given her as they packed up and left. 

The bright yellow cab pulled up to the curb, and Morgana stood up. She could see the shadows of several people inside, and wondered just who it was she was about to meet.

You never know, she thought as she headed toward the vehicle. My future could be in that taxi right now.


“Hi, I’m George,” the carefree-looking man with huge green glasses and messy blond hair said to Morgana as she squeezed close beside him in the back seat of the taxi. He winked at her. “Since you’re going to be practically sitting in my lap for the next half hour or so, we should probably be introduced...”

Oh my Lord, he’s hot,  Morgana found herself thinking, looking at him. This close, she could see that behind the green sunglasses, his eyes were light blue, and she noticed he had a beard, which she always thought was so sexy.  She found she was staring, and she looked away, embarrassed, and gulped.

“Um...” she stammered...”My name is Morgana Standish.” 

“Well, hello, Morgana Standish,” George said in a low, purring voice. “...and before you ask, yes, that is a cell phone in my pocket...”


Even though it had been Christian Bui who had invited Morgana out that night, she found she spent the entire evening getting to know George better.



Oh, Christian was sweet, and she wanted to be friends with him, but there was something about George that appealed to her.  



Before the night was over, she took the plunge and subtly let him know of her interest, and, to her astonishment, he not only accepted her advances, he flirted right back, and then some! 

Could George possibly be feeling something for me, too?  Morgana wondered as she collapsed in her bed that night.



She had to get up early tomorrow, she reminded herself...her car pool came at 6:00am.  I wonder if I’ll see him again...maybe I should ask him on a date.  Having never even had a teenage boyfriend before, Morgana was completely at a loss as to what to do next to continue this relationship.

She yawned and turned over. I’ll think about it least I’ll call him, I think.


Morgana’s first day of work went well, and she used her wages to purchase a stove and a single window in her home.



It still wasn’t much, but it was more than she had just a day ago, and that was something. Plus, now she could at least have some hot food.

She was reading up on cooking, wondering if she should call George, when the telephone rang. 

“Hi, Morgana!” It was George. “You know, there’s some really cool places Downtown...would you like to go on a date with me?”


“Ohhh, I’d love to,” Morgana breathed. Dilemma solved, she thought to herself. He called me!


So began a whirlwind relationship between Morgana and George.



After only their first date, which was the stuff dreams were made of, Morgana had a raging crush on him, and she wanted to ask him to move in, but was too embarrassed by her tiny home. However, she knew with both of them working together, it wouldn’t be long before they could really make it livable. 

Surely love would be enough to sustain them until that happened, wouldn’t it?


“George, there’s something I want to ask you,” she said tentatively one evening. “If you don’t want to do it, just tell me, and I’ll totally understand.”

“Believe me, Morgana, there’s hardly anything you’d ask me to do that I wouldn’t want to do,” George said in his typical jovial manner, but it had an undercurrent of seriousness which made Morgana look up and meet his wide blue eyes. 

“Will you...will you move in with me?” she asked in a rush, then plunged on before he could answer. “I know I don’t have much, but I know we could work on building something here, together! There’s so much land...and I really care about you, George! I’m sure we could have a great life...”


He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.  “I’m sure of it, too, Morgana.” he whispered. “I knew when I first met you that you were the one for me. I’d be happy to move in with you and help you build whatever it is you feel you need to build.”

He wasn’t talking about just a house, and Morgana knew it. 


So it starts, Morgana thought. 

To Be Continued...

Miss the prologue? 
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