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The Standish Legacy




Generation One:  Morgana:  Part Two
Warnings: Partial nudity, implied sex

George brought a tidy sum with him when he moved in. When Morgana expressed her shock, he merely gave her a rueful smile.


“I’m a Theorist,” he said, as though that explained everything. “I still have a little work to do before I’m considered a Mad Scientist, though... which reminds me, my one request is that we buy a telescope. It doesn’t have to be a big one, at least not now, but...”

“Telescope is fine.” Morgana smiled, hugging him. “Just promise me you won’t get abducted by aliens or anything crazy.”


Right away, they began adding onto the small house.  Morgana was amazed at how much they were able to do.



Before she knew it, besides the telescope outside,  the house had three more rooms, a floor, paint, and siding. There was a double bed as well. 

It wasn’t long before George and Morgana fell in love, and those feelings culminated one magical evening as they found themselves together in that bed, lost in each other’s embrace. 

For the first time, Morgana began to feel grateful her life had turned out the way it did.  If she hadn’t been forced out of her old family home by debt and come to live in the barren desert of Viper Canyon, she would not have met George, and she would never have known this level of happiness, in spite of the physical discomforts of virginity.  



She curled close against George, listened to the sound of his breathing, and began to drift comfortably off to sleep, full of contentment.

Suddenly, she sat up in bed, her eyes wide with panic.  Forgetting all about sleeping, she frowned and ran through calendar dates rapidly in her mind, counting on her fingers.  Oh no...I’ve never had to worry about that before, but what if...?

“What is it, Morgana?” George asked sleepily, trailing his fingers up her back to rub her shoulder. “Anything wrong?”


“N... no.” Morgana said slowly. “I just... um... had a muscle cramp. It’s gone now.”

“Well, lie down and go back to sleep,” George said, and then his voice turned sultry. “Unless you’d rather...”

“No!”  Morgana said, perhaps a bit too sharply.  “Um, no.  I’d love to, George, but I’m really tired and I have to get up so early.”

She lay back down and George spooned up to her, promptly falling back asleep.



Morgana lay awake quite a while longer, worrying.  Well, there’s not much I can do about it now, she finally thought.  But it’s so soon, and how would George feel about it?   She sighed and relaxed into his sleeping warmth at her back.

Her last thought before she finally drifted into an uneasy sleep was a fervent hope that George loved her enough to stay with her if she was pregnant with his child.



Time wore on. Morgana began suffering nausea and severe fatigue, to her dismay.


Finally, with a heavy heart, she made a doctor's appointment for after work, and the visit only confirmed what she already knew. She was pregnant.


Oddly, once the doctor verified her condition, Morgana began to feel a little excited.  Perhaps it was the twinkle in the elderly doctor’s eyes when he congratulated her and told her everything was healthy. Or perhaps it was because she missed her own parents so much that the idea she’d have her own baby soon, even though it was unexpected, gave her a warm feeling inside.

However, she still worried about George. She had no idea how to tell him. 

He worked until two in the afternoon, and she made some lunch for both of them when he got home.  She sat at the table and took a deep breath. “George,” she began, “I have something to tell...”


“Man, that looks good!” he interrupted, sitting down with her and hungrily taking a bite of his sandwich. “Nobody makes cold cuts like you, babe. Nobody.” 

Not missing a beat, he went on to tell her about his day at the science lab where he worked. “I have just a little bit more to do before I’m at the top, babe. Can you believe it? The top!  Man, when I think about what I’ll be able to do once I’m officially considered a Mad Scientist.”  He swallowed and laughed.  "I say officially, because the guys at the lab say I already am...”

Morgana listened to him but didn’t say anything.

“Morgana?” he said finally, looking at her face. “You haven’t hardly eaten. Is something wrong?”


Morgana stared down at her uneaten sandwich. “George, I went to the doctor today.”

George paused in the middle of getting another sandwich. “Why? What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

“Well, I guess it all depends on how you look at it,” Morgana said carefully.  “With me just starting this job and still being in the probation period, I didn’t have any health insurance, and that means I haven’t ever been on any kind of birth control.   The insurance hadn’t kicked in yet and I just didn’t have the cash for it.” She sighed and stared at the ceiling.  “Although that’s no excuse.  Actually, even if I could have afforded to buy it I don’t know if I would have thought of it.  It never was something I had to worry about before, but then, we slept together, and...”

She looked pleadingly into his surprised blue eyes. “I’m so sorry, George. I should have told you that there was a chance I could get –”


“Wait.” George interrupted. “Are you telling me, you’re pregnant?”  His expression was unreadable.

“Yes.” Morgana choked, tears filling her eyes. “George, I’m so sorry...”

“Sorry about what?” George said in a shocked voice. “Morgana, the times we made love, I didn’t use any precautions, either, you know!”



He put his arms around her worriedly. “Aren’t you happy to be having my baby, Morgana? I thought you wanted to be with me.  I thought we were in love!”  He sounded almost on the verge of tears. 

Morgana looked at him in astonishment.  She hadn’t thought about how he would feel, thinking she was so upset to be pregnant.  With a jolt, she realized he felt the same way she did... worried she didn’t love him enough and that a baby would bind her to someone she’d rather not be with. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.


She flung her arms around him and laughed happily. “Do you know what, George?  I am happy to be having this baby!  I was surprised, and I’m still not sure we’re ready, but it’s all a part of life, isn’t it? Life and the legacy I want to leave?”

George kissed her. “You better believe it, babe."  He grinned mischeviously.  "Although now I need to make you an honest woman.  So, will you marry me?” 

Morgana smiled.  "Did you even have to ask?"

To Be Continued...

Gen One: Part One

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