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Fun Stuff: Favorite Old Random Screenshots

These are just some old screenshots I had on my profile at TSR.  They are from previous games of mine that I enjoyed and thought I'd share with everyone here on LJ.   Some were set up on purpose and some happened just naturally in my games.   They're in no particular order, but I hope you enjoy them! 

Vidcund teaching high-school science.

This was supposed to be the Curious brothers at work.  Vidcund's trying to give a lecture, and Lazlo is asking Pascal what in the hell he's talking about.  XD

Pascal's alien toddler and the dog, Einstein.

Pascal's kids... both alien and human... enjoying some fun in the sun.

A really really HOT hot tub.  XD

I just loved this picture of Pascal.  It was my desktop wallpaper for a while! 

Dayum, Vid... are you sure that was a good memory???  *giggle* 

Vidcund as a werewolf, adding salt to his dinner.  *Ahem* I mean, playing with the new kitten.

Rock on with your bad self, Baby New Year

A beautiful and mysterious mermaid and her two daughters I made a long time ago and didn't do ANYTHING with other than take this picture.  XD

This is Vidcund's daughter having her first kiss with Blair Mace in a spooky graveyard.   Check out the skeleton crawling out in the background.   Scary!

Fetch in the afterlife.  Pardon me but I forget who this is.  It might be a Curious descendant but I'm not sure.  *is embarrassed*

Johnny Smith acting like he doesn't know any of those people.    

This is Lazlo's son Seth.

This is Vidcund's grandson Christian, doing the Rally Forth! thing.  And yes, I did have him die from it just because I had to see the ghost with the megaphone, lol.  No pictures of that though that I could find.   *shrugs* 

"Praise the Lord the kids are potty trained!"  XD.  This is Ripp and his wife, who is Pascal Curious' daughter.

You'll never guess who this is in a million years.  It's Ripp Grunt's son.  This was the only son of Ripp's I ever had that did NOT look like him.  Instead, he looked just like his grandpa, Pascal Curious. 


Sorry for the poor quality... I didn't have as good of a computer back then, lol.  But I loved Vid's ghost.  He was so gosh darn helpful!

"Talk to the left, cause you ain't right!"   XD.  Yep, these are Loki Beaker's twins.  Circe was not their mommy though.

Nope, that's not Vid.  It's his lookalike son, Daniel, showing off his dance moves to his wife Eden.

Unfortunately, Dan missed this.  O_o

"Just a minute honey!  I'm on level twelve!!"    Vidcund's grandson, Little Vid, seems rather unimpressed by his coming bundle of joy, lol. 

Good times.  Good times...
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