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The Standish Legacy

Generation Two:  Kevin:  Part One

Kevin Standish always knew where he ranked in the scheme of things.



What with his parents being more besotted with each other than anyone had any right to be, and especially after the birth of his twin baby sisters, Kate and Kayla,  Kevin decided his place in the family was firmly at the bottom of the heap. 

It wasn’t true, of course, and if he would have thought more about it, he would have realized that. However, typical of childish emotions and later, teenage angst, he preferred to believe the worst of everything.  



What else was he supposed to think when it seemed like whenever he wanted his dad to read to him or play with him, his dad was “too busy?”  It just wasn’t something a little boy wanted to see his mother doing all the time... even if it was with his own father.


When he became a teenager, he vowed he would never be so enthralled with someone that he would forget about everyone and everything else!  No, if that was the way it was going to be, he was never going to settle down; and never going to get married, no matter what his mother wanted! There was no way he was going to lose the person he was by becoming one half of someone else! 



Oh, he would have romance... something inside him craved affection desperately, and he hungrily sought it from wherever he could find it.

Yet he would never allow himself to get in too deep…  to be committed 

Kevin shuddered at the thought. Wasn’t that the same word they used when someone had to go live at a mental institution?  There had to be a reason for that!



A few days before Kevin was supposed to leave for college, his father had a talk with him. “Kevin,” George began, “You’re going to be out on your own now, and I want you to know that we’re all going to miss you around here.”


Kevin narrowed his eyes at his father.  Yeah, right… he thought sarcastically.  I bet you just can’t wait to have more time to grope Mom.   “Well,” he replied carefully, “I’m going to miss living here, too.”  It wasn’t a lie; his room was extraordinarily comfortable, as was the house these days. 

It was hard to believe his parents had started from nothing, so his mother had always said. However, his father was getting a fat paycheck now at the lab for doing what he delicately called "after hours experimentation,"  and before that, he had been awarded a huge bonus for a theory on the tangible aspects of theorization.



There had been plenty of money, then, to remodel the house and buy nearly the best of everything, and Kevin really was going to miss the comfort of his family home when he traded it for the relatively Spartan existence of dorm life.

However, what more fertile ground could there be for a guy like himself? A guy who wanted lots of girlfriends, but never to be tied down? 

Who never wanted to be committed...?

George gazed thoughtfully at his son. He desperately wanted to say something more to Kevin, but he didn’t know where to start. How had his son grown up so quickly without him noticing? Here he was, almost a man! When did that happen? 

And if Kevin was almost a man, that meant he, George, was almost...

George sighed. He knew he wasn’t getting any younger, and Morgana... his beloved Morgana... she wasn’t either. His life had been nothing until he met her, and since they had fallen in love it had been a crazy whirlwind that swept him up, spun him thoroughly dizzy and dropped him.  

Dropped him hard.  


Dropped him here, standing across from his nearly-grown son, and he didn’t know what to say.

George began to reach out to his son, to tell him how important he was to him, to tell him he accepted him no matter what, and that his life was his own now, to find happiness in whatever way he could.  


He wanted to tell his son at least that much, but was interrupted by the childish voice of his daughter Kate, shrill with irritation, as usual.

“I don’t care!” she yelled, hands on her hips, sky-blue eyes flashing fire as she glared at her twin sister. “You always think you’re so perfect, Kayla! Just leave me alone!” She left the room in a huff, tumbled brown hair flying, leaving her gentle,  fraternal twin sister Kayla in tears.

Kayla immediately ran to George for comfort. “Why doesn’t she like me, Daddy?”  Wailing, she rubbed her eyes, hiccuping tearfully. “She says I think I’m better than her because the kids at school play with me and not her!   But I don’t think I’m better than her, Daddy, I don’t... I just want her to like me!” She dissolved into tears.


George held his daughter tenderly as she cried, “She does, Kay...she’s just a little irritable sometimes. Best leave her to herself for a while...” He hugged his daughter and wiped away her tears, seeming to forget Kevin was still standing there.

It wasn’t anything Kevin wasn’t used to.

The young man sighed as he watched his father and sister together, then he left the room, his hands clenching into fists. Once again, he had been pushed to the side. Once again, someone else was more important than he was. He didn’t stop to think that Kayla would have just as easily come to him for comfort, had he been willing to offer it.


He wasn’t willing. He wasn’t ever going to give up who he was.  

Not for anyone.

He couldn’t wait to leave this house and start his own life. 

The sooner, the better.

To Be Continued...

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