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Standish Outtakes: Vacation!

I was playing last night and decided to send the Standish family on a vacation before Kevin went away to college.   This really isn't part of the actual Standish Legacy storyline per se... but can be considered to have happened "off camera."  ;)


Well I know the first thing I'm doing, because chicks really love a tan.

Poor George.  The first time he digs in the sand he gets this.  Ouch!

Yes, random vacation Townie... don't try to help pry the crab off George's finger... just stand there and drool.  I totally understand. 

Tan: Accomplished
Result:  Hotter than ever.

Immediately the rest of the 'fam throws their towels in the sand... with varied results. 

Morgana.  Nice.  You'd never tell she's almost 50!   ;)

Kate has a nice bronze hue, but poor Kayla will need some aloe on those shoulders!

And George... ouch!

Sunburned or not, George still enjoys pretending to be captain of the ship.  Avast me hearties!

Morgana:  "Take that!  And that!  And... "

"Okay, this sucks.  You all suck.  I'm going to a cooler community lot.  One that doesn't suck."

Hmmm... chicks really love fire dancers.  

Kevin's not that great at first, and it takes the rest of the day to learn... 

... but by nightfall he's singeing the hair off his arms with the best of them!

Good morning, Kevin.  *sighs*

Kevin: *mumbles incoherently and goes searching for coffee*

Kevin spends the morning treasure map hunting.  With success!  He found the map to the secret lot on the island... and he didn't even have to dig for that long!

Having some problems, Witch Doctor? 

I wonder if there will be something in this for me?

Kevin: *works*

"I have to mop puddles?  Sweet!" 

"DIE!  DIE!  DIE!" 

"For me?  Awesome!" 

Back at the hotel, George and Kayla's sunburns have faded, and they gave sunbathing another go.  


"Gama kaloga!" 

"Um... wut?"


Fire dancing is srs bzns.   

Of course Kevin now has a Mr. Mickles in his posession.

My voodoo doll.  Mine!

Voodoo is also srs bzns.   

Hope you enjoyed!  Now to get Kevin through college! Whee!

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