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The Standish Legacy



Generation Two:  Kevin:  Part Two
Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex


When Kevin Standish looked back on his life at college, it truly seemed to have gone by in a blur. 

There had been lots of studying, 

Lots of good times, 

And, of course, plenty of romance. 

There had been some not-so-good times as well; however, for the most part, Kevin was highly satisfied with his college experience.


He hadn’t graduated with honors, but he had graduated... majoring in Drama.   It suited Kevin, although it didn’t leave him very well-equipped for the world of gainful employment, and he found himself wondering what he was going to do once he left campus.  

Kevin wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of moving back home, but he didn’t have much choice unless he wanted to live in a shoe box with ramen being his only sustenance.  He sighed. Well, his parents were older now;  perhaps they’d be a bit more mellow and not climbing each other all the time like monkeys on a tree.


Somehow, though, Kevin doubted that.

Well, at least now they’ll have to suffer watching me do it too, he thought, smiling a little, then he sighed again.  


That was one thing he was definitely going to miss about college... all the gorgeous girls who were simply...everywhere, and usually in various states of undress.   However, Kevin knew there were just as many lovely ladies out there in the world away from campus, and he needed to get started on discovering them.

Farewell, good old Sim State, Kevin thought wistfully as the taxi sped away from the campus. Good times... and they all went by too fast!  Now I’m on to the next phase of my life. 

Whatever the hell that is...


“Mom?  Dad?  Anyone home?” Kevin asked cautiously as he opened the front door. “Look who’s back...your long lost son!”

“Kevin!” squealed his mother, nearly knocking him over with a hug.  “Oh, honey... I’m so glad you’re home!”


“It’s great to see you, son!” exclaimed his father, also hugging him tightly. “We really missed you.”

Kevin had to look twice at his parents. He knew they had aged while he was gone, of course, but it was quite another thing to see them with his own eyes.  They both looked so happy to see him and so excited to have him home, and gazing from his mother’s glowing face to his father’s, Kevin felt a slight pang of remorse.  

He hadn’t been what they wanted.  He wasn’t ever going to be what they wanted. 

He shook off that feeling in the very next instant.  


Never tied down, remember, Kevin?  Never committed!  Hate that word.  Hate that feeling!  What they want from you you’re just not able to give! 

“Um...” Kevin stammered.  “How are the girls?”  The house seemed empty without his sisters’ constant  bickering, although his mother assured him the two girls had begun to get along much better when they became teens,

but it was an uneasy truce, at best.

“Kate and Kayla are just fine, Kevin,” his mother beamed. “Kate is studying physics at Sim State, but I’m sure you already knew that.”

Kevin didn’t.  “Oh, yeah,” he lied.  “Yeah I did...”

“...and Kayla is married!  Our baby,”  Morgana sniffed happily.  “Mind you, I was a little upset when she dropped out of college to elope, and I was a bit… concerned... about her choice for a husband, but your father says...”

“I say it’s fantastic!” George enthused. “There’s not many vampires left in the world, and our little girl is married to one of them!   Of course it means we’ll need to have all our family reunions after dark, but that’s not really a problem.”


“...and she’s pregnant now, too, Kevin!”  Morgana interrupted joyfully. “She’s in her last trimester and doing wonderfully!  I’m finally going to be a grandmother!”

There it was.  The unspoken question.  

Neither of his parents said anything, but Kevin could feel their thoughts hanging in the air like vapor.  So when are you going to give us a grandchild, Kevin? Isn’t it about time you got married and settled down, Kevin? We’re not getting any younger, Kevin...don’t you think we’d like to see our oldest child have a child of his own before we die?

“Uh...I think I’m going to go unpack,” Kevin said tiredly. “It’s been a long day.”


A few hours later, after a nap and something to eat, Kevin was in a much better mood. 

His parents tired easily these days, and they were both snoozing in bed by dusk. This isn’t going to be so bad after all, Kevin thought happily as he made his way to the garage. 

He was headed Downtown, and he couldn’t wait to get there. He was going to a club that he knew would be full of beauties ripe for the picking! 

As he sped off down the street, Kevin opened the window of the car and recklessly laughed out loud into the rushing Desert wind.  He was young, he was hot, and he was on the prowl tonight!


“Please, won’t you come home with me?” Kevin whispered to his date of the evening, a beautiful blonde woman named Margaret.  

He could tell she was attracted to him too, even though she was playing hard to get.
Kevin, however, wasn’t dissuaded easily. “Please?” he asked again, toying with one of her braids. “Nothing will happen that you don’t want, I swear!  Just come home with me.  We’ll get away from these crowds. We’ll get to know each other better...”

“Not this time, Kevin.” Margaret Boyle said softly. “But I do want to see you again.  Perhaps tomorrow night?”

Kevin tried to hide his disappointment. “Tomorrow will be perfect.”  

Kevin kissed Margaret goodbye, but his mind was already fast-forwarding to their next date. He’d really wanted to sleep with her tonight; he hated having to woo these women slowly into his bed the way they all seemed to want!  Such a waste of time!

However, he was confident that Margaret would give in to his advances on their second date, and in this he was not disappointed. 

Despite her feminine wiles, Margaret was no match for Kevin’s charisma, and she was his first lover’s conquest as a grown man out in the world. 

Life was sweet.


“Kevin, someone named Margaret is on the phone for you!” Morgana called to her son one arid afternoon several weeks later. “This is the fourth time she’s called today.  I think you better take it.”


“No, Ma...” Kevin answered from his room. “Tell her I’m busy.”

Kevin James Standish!” his mother cried, exasperated. “I am not your personal secretary!”

“Then let her stay on hold!” Kevin replied, just as exasperated. “She’ll hang up eventually.”

With an irritated huff, Morgana walked back to the phone to make her son’s excuses.  

Kevin heard her do it and smiled. Oh, he supposed it was harsh, sleeping with Margaret and then never calling her again or taking her calls, but he’d gotten what he wanted. If Margaret was too blind to see the writing on the wall, then that was her  problem. He was out of it now.

He’d run into the same issue in college, with women always wanting him to commit to them after he bedded them. Eventually, they would get the hint, and go on to other things and other people. Yet Kevin knew they would carry with them a memory of a night with him for the rest of their lives.

That idea pleased Kevin immensely. How awesome was it for his conquests to forever think of him... even years later, when they were long married to other men!  

Kevin would always have had them first!  There would always be a part of them that belonged to Kevin, and that was just the way he liked it. 

If he was never going to give himself up completely, neither was anyone else.

Kevin!” his mother called again impatiently, and Kevin could not hide his irritation this time. 

“What?” he cried. “What now?”

“She said she’s coming over!” his mother replied. “And don’t you use that tone of voice with me, young man! I am still your mother!” 

“Sorry, Ma.” Kevin said contritely, his mind racing.  Margaret was coming here? Why? What was so important that she couldn’t take a hint and leave him the hell alone?


Oh no...why do I have such a bad feeling about this? 


“I think you should know that I’m pregnant,” Margaret told him caustically. 

“What?” Kevin cried. “That’s imposs… there’s no way!”

“It is possible, and there is a way!” Margaret yelled. “I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks! You won’t take my won’t return my messages! What are you trying to do here, Kevin?”

“Margaret, I...” Kevin trailed off, at a loss for words.  He had never expected this.  He had taken careful precautions, and he knew there had been no accidents.  "Margaret, tell me you’re not pregnant!  Please!”

“I am, Kevin!” Margaret shrilled. “I need to know what you’re going to do about it!” Her eyes were steaming. “I’m having your baby, and yes, I know it’s yours, so don’t even bother asking!” She wiped angry tears from her eyes. “I love you, Kevin! I want to be with you! I don’t understand why you’re treating me like this.   I want...” she began to sob and couldn’t finish. 

Kevin held her awkwardly.  No, no, no...not this.  Please, God… no…

“Kevin?” George’s voice, more stern than Kevin had ever heard it, came wafting to him from just inside the house. “Can I see you in here a moment?”

“Uh... sure Dad,” Kevin said weakly. “Be right there.” He indicated to Margaret she should sit on the outdoor bench and wait for him, and he went inside to face his father.

“Did I just hear what I thought I heard, son?” George asked.

“If you thought you heard her tell me she’s pregnant with my baby, then yes,” Kevin answered, wiping a hand over his face. 

“What are you going to do about it?” George’s voice was terrible.

“I... I don’t know...” Kevin stammered. “I used protection, Dad!  This wasn’t something I wanted to happen.”

“Kevin,” George said, and his voice grew even more stern.  “For too long you’ve been able to do as you pleased and live a life without cares.  Your mother and I have tolerated it, but I am telling you that you will do the right thing by that young lady out there, or you’ll be cut off from the family.  Do you understand me?”

“Dad, I… ” Kevin was shocked. His father had never spoken to him like this before!  “I’m sorry, Dad!  I really am, but  I don’t know what you want me to do!” Kevin looked out at Margaret, who was now sitting on the bench with his mother.

They were talking quietly; about what Kevin could only imagine.  “I just don’t know what you want me to do,” he repeated, his voice strained.

“You’ll marry her, Kevin.” George told his son simply, and Kevin knew there would be no arguments. 

To Be Continued...

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