Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Fun Stuff: Ikea Stuff Pack and The EA Store

Just a little scene to show off some of the things from the Ikea Stuff Pack and the EA Store.  Have fun!


“What do you think of my hair, Kevin?”



“You don’t like it?”

“It’s… curly.”

“Well, that’s what it looks like out of the braids.”



“You’re not still mad about that whole baby thing are you?”


 “Um…  hey… I brought some things for the house, do you want to see?



"This is Froggy.  I've had him since I was little."

 "... and this is a hippopotamus made out of a sock."

"A what?

"Sock.  It's a sock hippopotamus."

"It looks like a giant dildo."

"This is my hug pillow.  Isn't it adorable?"

"You had a very needy childhood, didn't you, Margaret?"

"Shut up, Kevin."

"This is a photograph of a city far far away."

"I think this will look great in our bedroom, what do you think?


"I'm putting this in the bathroom.  I just love all the little pictures stuck to it."

"This would look better if it had pictures of us in it."

"Who does it have in it now?

"I have no idea."

"My rug will look great in the spare room."


"I put some flowers on the table.  I could always tell people you got them for me.  Maybe I should have gotten the red ones.  Red is for love, you know."


"I'm not sure what this is yet.  It's just growing."

"It looks like grass."

"Everything looks like grass when it first starts to grow, Kevin."

"These were my horses."

"You had horses?"

"You don't think I wore a ten-gallon hat just 'cause, did you?"

"I brought a new outfit for you too.”


"You can at least try it on, you know."



“What, don’t you like it? 

“Are you kidding?  I look like a freaking urban cowboy.”

"That’s the idea, Kevin.  Cowboys turn me on.”

“Hmm… well, while you’re sitting there…”

Hee hee hee.  

Kevin's outfit and Margaret's hair are from the EA Store  and all the decorative objects are from the new Ikea Stuff Pack.  There is also new furniture, walls, and floors in that stuff pack, but I just mostly looked at the decorative stuff tonight.  :)

Tags: standish legacy
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