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The Standish Legacy


Generation Two:  Kevin:  Part Three
Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex, violence


“Margaret, will you marry me?” Kevin asked in a small voice, his heart sinking. 

I can’t believe I’m doing this...

“What? What did you say, Kevin?” she hadn’t heard him.


Kevin cleared his throat and tried again. “Um...will you marry me?” he asked in a slightly louder voice.


“Seriously?”  Margaret replied, folding her arms pessimistically. “So what brought this on?”

“Well, I thought about it, and I... want to be with you... and our baby.” Kevin had to fight to sound as though he meant it.



What brought this on, Margaret? Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen my father so angry before.  Maybe it’s because you already told my mother that you’re pregnant and now there’s no turning back.   

That was a sore spot with Kevin. He couldn’t believe Margaret had told his mother so quickly!  That was just... wrong somehow, but it was done now.

Margaret looked at him critically. She wanted to marry him.  She had her reasons why, but it also didn't hurt that she thought he was the most gorgeous man she had ever met.  She knew very well what he was, and that he would fight tooth and nail the bit that curbed him, but that would only make him all the more endearing to her.


“Yes, Kevin,” she said. “I’ll marry you. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”


“Honestly, I wasn’t sure,” he admitted, although that was only part of it.  He didn’t say he’d been hoping she’d say no, because that would have gotten him off the hook except for some child support.
No such luck.



They quickly planned an evening wedding, and Kevin went into it with a heavy heart.



He said his vows automatically, seeming to hear another voice that sounded like his saying all the right things, and seeing another body that looked like his smiling and acting as though he was the happiest newlywed in the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.



He had been committed.



Kevin had always assumed placing a wedding ring on a woman’s finger meant the fire in the bedroom was immediately extinguished.



However, in the early weeks of his marriage to Margaret, he was pleased to find out the opposite was true.  He couldn’t believe how demanding she was!  Every chance they could get, night and day, she was asking for more.

Kevin was more than happy to oblige, and decided married life wasn’t as bad as he thought.   True, he was bound to one woman now, but if that one woman was as lustful as this, he could be very happy in spite of the vows he had taken!  

Then, one day, about a month and a half into their new marriage, it just stopped. 

Margaret claimed she felt too sick from her pregnancy, which confused Kevin, since he had assumed the nausea associated with gestation should have been long over by now.



He also noticed she seemed very thin to be in her second trimester, although the constant sickness might have something to do with that, he supposed.  He didn’t know much about women and pregnancy; and he was bewildered and hurt by Margaret’s lack of bedroom interest now, when before it had been so strong. 


Kevin knew he had made a huge mistake in getting married. He just didn’t know how to get out of it.  Everything he had never wanted to happen in his life had come to pass.  How could it get any worse?


Despite all his marital woes, as the months crept by, Kevin began to feel excited about the upcoming birth of his child.



He had been to visit his niece, his sister’s daughter Carmen, and found he had a way with babies and small children.  There was something about the gentle, undemanding innocence of babies that touched Kevin’s heart, and he discovered, to his surprise, that he had the potential to be a genuinely good father.


Margaret had never told him exactly when his baby was due, but since she had been very clear that she had conceived the first time they slept together, Kevin made some rudimentary calculations in his head and decided on an approximate due date for the child. 
He could hardly wait.   

He channeled all of the anxiety he felt from his repeated rejections in the bedroom by his wife into preparing for his child’s birth, and threw himself into it wholeheartedly.  


Every day he brought home something else for the coming baby, and he talked with his mother at length about infant care subjects such as formula types and colic.   He could hardly believe he was so excited.   Morgana was surprised but pleased that Kevin was showing such an interest in fatherhood, and George was eagerly anticipating becoming a grandfather again as well.

Kevin felt his marriage was a mistake, true, but he also felt that wouldn’t stop him from being a good father, once his baby finally arrived.



When the day Kevin had in mind as his baby’s due date came and nothing happened, he didn’t worry too much about it.  It was, after all, only an approximation.   However, when that week came and went… and then the week after, and then the week after that, he began to worry there was a problem.

“Margaret,” he asked carefully, “Don’t you think you should see a doctor?”


“I am seeing one!” she snapped, her temper flaring, as it did so easily.

“Well, what does he say?”

She says everything is fine.” Margaret answered shortly. 


“Um...” Kevin cleared his throat.  It wasn’t easy to talk to Margaret these days.  She had the temperament of a starving dragon on steroids. He supposed it was the hormones of pregnancy to blame, but it certainly didn’t make for a gracious companion. “Um… ” he continued, “Well... doesn’t she think it’s odd the baby is so… late?”


“What are you talking about?” Margaret replied, an edge of panic creeping into her voice.  
Oh my God, he figured it out!

“The baby… ” Kevin said, gesturing toward Margaret’s abdomen. “It should have been born by now, don’t you think?”


For Margaret, time seemed to stop as a hot, guilty feeling crawled over her flesh.  He knows!

“Oh, Kevin,” she answered with a slight tremor in her voice and forcing a smile. “Don’t worry.  I’ll ask at my next appointment but you know, some babies take their time.” 

“Yeah, I know that,” Kevin protested, “but...”


Margaret didn’t give him a chance to finish. She decided he needed a little “something” to keep his mind off the pregnancy, and she pulled him close, kissed him passionately, and led him to the bedroom.  


It worked; Kevin completely stopped thinking about the baby at that particular moment, but Margaret knew she still needed to do something drastic.   Not only Kevin, but Kevin’s mother and father would realize there was a problem if she didn’t have the baby soon. 



She couldn’t allow that to happen.


Later that same night, Margaret crept softly out of the bed she was sharing with Kevin, and tiptoed out of the house.


She had set up a secret meeting with a gypsy faith healer, and she desperately hoped she’d be able to get what she wanted.

“I need something to induce labor,” Margaret whispered fervently to the healer. “Do you have anything like that?”

“Ah yes...” the gypsy smiled, taking a small bottle from her knapsack.  “This has black cohosh, tansy, pennyroyal, raspberry leaf, and some of my own special seasonings,” she cackled. “ ’Tis guaranteed to bring on the babe within the same hour it is taken.”

“Perfect.” Margaret replied. “I’ll take it!”

“Caution, my dear,” the gypsy said, holding up a single finger in warning. “This potion will bring on the babe whether or not the time has passed for the babe to be properly fit for this world.  Know this and take care.”  She gave Margaret the bottle and Margaret paid her whatever amount she asked. 


This was exactly what she needed! 


Kevin figured it out, damn him,  Margaret thought savagely as she padded back inside the house.

She hadn’t been pregnant when she had come to Kevin claiming she was.  All she had wanted was to be affiliated with the Standish name;  which was fast becoming prestigious, mostly due to the achievements in the world of science by George Standish.  

Margaret had aspirations of doing important scientific work herself, and a
baby seemed the perfect way to worm her way into a marriage with the famous and wealthy scientist’s son.   Margaret also had to admit she enjoyed taming Kevin’s romantic ways and having him chained to her and her alone; however, once the marriage was done, she realized she needed to get pregnant right away so her new husband would never suspect her lie.


The only problem was that it hadn’t been easy for Margaret to conceive.  Weeks passed, with Margaret bedding Kevin any chance she could get, to no avail.  She wasn’t getting pregnant, and she started to wonder if she ever would!  



When she did finally conceive, her actual due date was almost three months later than what it should have been.  She had been betting on the fact that Kevin wouldn’t notice.  She hadn’t expected him to be quite so perceptive.   However, Margaret knew Morgana and George would probably have detected something eventually anyway... so it was probably for the best.


Safely back in the house, Margaret uncorked the small bottle, drank the contents in one gulp, then sat down on the couch and waited for something to happen. 

She didn’t have long to wait. Within minutes, it seemed, a pain like no other she had ever felt was squeezing her abdomen like a vise, pulling down on her lower back, making her gasp for breath.


“Kevin!” she screamed, panting. “Morgana! George!  Someone help me! The baby’s coming!”


Pulling off her surgical mask, the doctor came out of the delivery room and smiled at Kevin, Morgana, and George, who were all anxiously waiting for news.  Kevin was especially worried, as the doctor hadn’t allowed him in the room while his child was being born and he didn’t understand why.


“You have a daughter,” the doctor said to Kevin. “Mother and baby are doing fine, although we had a little scare with the baby at first.  She needed a little extra help to get started breathing on her own, and she’s in an isolette now.  All of that is not unusual with babies that are premature, however, so don't worry.   She’s doing nicely, and we expect her to fully… ”

“Premature?” Kevin interrupted blankly. “No, doctor... you have the wrong family. My baby is actually late.  From what I figure, he or she should have been born several weeks ago.”

“Aren’t you Kevin Standish?”  the doctor asked, consulting the chart in her hand.


“Yes.”  Kevin said, sharing a confused glance with his parents.

“Then I have the correct family,” the doctor said. “Mr. Standish, this is awkward for me, but you need to know that your daughter was not due until the end of next month at the very earliest.  I don’t know why you thought differently, but that’s not any of my business, ” the doctor shrugged.  “She’s doing just fine, though, so that’s something to be thankful for.” Smiling again, the doctor patted Kevin on the shoulder and left the waiting room.

Kevin looked at his mother, who looked as confused as he. “Mom, what do you think?”

“I don’t know, Kevin.” his mother said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well,” George said sensibly, “Let’s not waste any time fretting over it now. Let’s go see our new addition!”

Kevin walked to the NICU automatically with his parents to see his baby girl, but his mind was racing. 


Margaret lied to me! Damn her, she lied!  She wasn’t really pregnant then, she couldn’t have been... and then, right after we did get married, all she wanted to do was... He thought rapidly.  Of course! That’s when she conceived! That's why she wanted me so much... to get pregnant!  

Kevin rubbed his forehead wearily.
How foolish he had been...

She trapped me! She wanted to marry me and by God, she got what she wanted! Oh...she’s going to pay! How dare she try to trap me? 


How dare she?


Kevin named his daughter Alaina, and she was, to him, the most beautiful being he had ever seen. He couldn’t believe she was his, that she belonged to him!



He was completely enthralled with her, and spent hours at a time just holding her, playing with her, and gazing into her little face and blue eyes.  He was going to pamper her and spoil her rotten!  What’s more, he was going to do it all by himself!  


If he had any say in it, his beautiful Alaina would never know what a lying, conniving, scheming, daughter of a dog her mother really was!   Kevin had made his decision. Margaret had to go. She had told a terrible lie in order to trap him into marriage, and he wanted out. The only problem was how to do it without risking the loss of his beautiful little girl?



No longer than Alaina had been in his life, she was the most important person in the world to him.  Kevin knew if he divorced Margaret, then the baby would forever be used as a pawn in some sick game.  He knew it.  If Margaret was the type to tell such a lie to get married, she would have no qualms about using an innocent child to further her own ends as well.

He could not bear the thought of Margaret doing that to his daughter.  Using her.  Turning her against him and taking her away from him!   No... Margaret had to go, but she wasn't going to lay a finger on Alaina when she went.

But how to do it? How could he end his marriage, but be certain of keeping his daughter?

There was only one way Kevin could think of, and he smiled as he thought of his ill-fated wedding vows. 

Til death do us part. 



Kevin knew all about the attic in the house, even though it hadn’t been there in his youth.



It had been a necessary addition when, while Kevin was still at college, his sister and her husband had lived with George and Morgana for a short time until their own house could be made ready.  Because of Count Destry’s unique needs, he required a small, windowless room somewhere in the house to keep a coffin, and as there was no suitable space in the existing house, the family had added the small attic.

Since Kayla and the Count had moved out, the attic was unused.  It was just a small, dark space high in the rafters of the house, the only access being a small drop-down ladder.  Kevin had examined the ladder, and found, to his glee, it was easily dismantled with a few simple tools. 

Oh, he had a plan, all right, and he wasn’t going to waste any time putting it into motion.



“Margaret, I have something special planned for us tonight,” Kevin whispered to his wife that evening. “It’s something exciting.” 
Margaret looked at Kevin thoughtfully, wondering if she should she make him happy tonight or keep him anxious and begging.  How she loved it when he begged her!   He was so easy to keep satisfied, but also so easy to keep panting on a short leash... just as long as she kept dangling her bait.  

It was insanely stimulating.

Thinking about the head games she played with him made her breath come in short gasps, and she realized it had been a while for her, too. “All right,” she acquiesced. “What do you have in mind?”

“The attic,” he whispered, kissing her shoulder.  “Do you know a vampire once slept there?”

She shivered. “Your sister’s husband... Yes, I know.”

“Let’s go there tonight,” he said, turning her to face him and kissing her deeply. “My surprise is there.”

Margaret’s heart pounded.  “Yes,” she breathed.   She had forgotten just how attentive a lover he could be! Oh, she was looking forward to this.

They reached the drop-down ladder and Kevin followed Margaret into the attic.



He started kissing her passionately as soon as they were both standing in the velvet blackness, then he suddenly stopped. “Oh, no!” he said in dismay.

“What?” she panted.

“I forgot the wine.” He turned to go back down the ladder.


Margaret reached for him. “It’s okay, Kevin. We don’t need it.”

“Yes we do,” he said stubbornly. “It’s part of my surprise.” He kissed her hands. “You wait right here. Don’t move an inch. I’ll be right back.”

He felt his way to the trap-door, opened it, and disappeared.

Margaret sat down on the floor of the attic to wait. She couldn’t see anything except a faint crack of light that outlined the trap door.  A faint scent of patchouli, probably left from when the vampire occupied this room, wafted to her nostrils and she breathed it in.  It was a heady, seductive scent, and heightened her already building excitement.


Sighing contentedly, she lay back on the carpet.  Suddenly, she heard a sharp noise below. “Kevin?” she called out, “is that you?” 


The only reply was several more sharp, banging noises and then, a protesting squeal of ripping and tearing wood!

Kevin!”  Margaret screamed, throwing herself on the trap door and trying to open it. It wouldn’t budge!  Oh dear God, it’s been nailed shut! 

Margaret lay flat on the floor and peered through the crack around the trap door as best as she could, only to see Kevin busily tearing apart the access ladder, using a crowbar and sledgehammer!

Kevin, what are you doing?” Margaret cried in a panic. “Don’t leave me up here! You can’t! Kevin!”

Kevin stopped his work, sat back on his heels, lazily brushed off his hands and glared up at the ceiling where he knew Margaret was watching.



“You trapped me, Margaret,” he said in a strange, hollow voice, “You know you did, and now I’m trapping you.  Now you know how it feels, don’t you? It feels like you’re already dead.”

He kicked the remains of the ladder into a pile, walked away, and he didn’t look back.


Not then.

Not ever.

To Be Continued...

Now generation three has been born, but will Alaina ever discover her father's secret? 

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