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Standish Outtakes: Toddlerspam, the Standishes get a pet, and another trip to the islands!


Since my next story update doesn’t happen until Alaina (Gen 3) becomes a teenager, I thought I’d share some of her “growing up” years.   This can be considered another fun, “off camera” commentary post that may or may not be storyline related.   ;) 

Warnings:  Language, bad commentary.  :P



Alaina became an adorable toddler, and Kevin absolutely dotes on her.

I mean, look at this!  He’s such a poor excuse for a Romance sim, isn’t he… wanting to potty train and sing nursery rhymes.  :P

Begin toddlerspam: 

/end toddlerspam.  Whew!  Good to get that out of my system!


Meanwhile, George has been wanting to obtain a pet for the longest time.   I finally relented and let him go off to the pet store to buy a cat.    

Meet Connor.  He’s created  and named after my real-life cat who is half Flame Point Himalayan and half mutt (which makes him a whole mutt, I suppose, but he looks like a Flame Point Himmy, lol)

Also like the real life Connor, the Standishes’ Connor is stupid and lazy (hey he’s my cat so I can say that) but also very friendly and sweet.

“Get off, you stupid cat.  I’m trying to make the bed here!”

Connor:  *is not amused.*


More Connor spam:

Kayla:  “This is so unfair.  Why couldn’t we have had a cat when I was little?”

He probably won’t come into the story much except in outtakes and the occasional background of pictures, but the family loves him, especially Alaina.

Alaina is a Capricorn, and her one true hobby is cuisine.

Look, her first muffin in her easy-bake oven.  And it’s perfect!
Small OT:  my recolors of the kids’ easy-bake oven that came with K&B have disappeared.  Has this happened to anyone else?? 

Kevin:   “Out!  Out, damned spot I say!”

“What?  I get to clean a toilet now?  That’s fucking fantastic!” 

Sings happily:  “La de dum de da.”

Kevin, you’re a freak. 


The Standishes really must have enjoyed their trip to Twikki Island, because all of them, at one time or another, have rolled a want to take another island vacation.  I did even better than that.  I had George buy a vacation home in Twikki, and the family went on another trip to the ocean (the lucky dogs!)


Local:  “Welcome to the island, handsome stranger.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m going in out of this hail!
Kevin:  "Hail?  What are you talking about?”

“Oh… that hail!”

Morgana:   *smustles*  “I still got it and I'm shaking it!”

Kevin:  *staring at local's ass*  “Oh yeah, I’d hit that.”

“In fact, I’m going to make sure I hit that.”

George:  “What are you doing, Kevin?”
Kevin:  “Just a minute, Dad… this is Serious Business.”  

Kevin:  *does voodoo chant*  “Now, YOU WILL LOVE ME.”  


 “Come on, baby.   Let’s go for a ride…”


Kevin:  *sighs*  “Smiley purple hearts are nice when they float above my head like that. “

Alaina:  “How was the hammock woohoo, Dad?”
Kevin:  *innocently reads book and pretends he didn’t hear question*

“This sandcastle is the best, Grandpa!”

Alaina:  *acts like monkey* 

George is still a smokin’ hottie.  

This time I sent him to visit the pirate ship after dark, where he made a new friend… 

… and learned a new song.  

“Fire dancing is still Serious Business.”

“Wow, my daddy is so cool!” 

“I am made of awesome!”

“You will all bask in my awesomeness!” 


Family hula time!

This is why I just love ACR.  It’s great how it randomly gives the Townies a gender preference.  This was a walk-by local who thought Kevin was incredibly hot.

“Um… you wanna go get a beer or something?”

Later, Kevin has a bit too much of the local beverage specialty …

… which leads to some drunken kissing and groping in the dark with his new buddy Jim.

Then they move on to more intimate activities in a changing booth,

 …which leaves this salesclerk all verklempt. 

 “Damn… I don’t know what came over me.  It had to be that drink…

 Shit, I need a shower…” 
(he actually did make a beeline for the shower right after that public woohoo.  :P)


Kevin:  *smiles through clenched teeth*  “You’re not going to tell anyone about what happened, are you?”
Jim:  *glares*  “Shit, Kevin.  Who the fuck cares what we do?”

Kevin:  “Well, I have a reputation to uphold.”
Jim:  “Don’t worry man, I won’t tell a soul.  It’s not like it was worth bragging about.”


I guess it *is* possible to be abducted from vacation lots!  :P 

Luckily they brought him back before it was time to head home!  Whew!   

The next story update will be coming soon!   Damn legacies and that no cheating rule, lol!  I could really use an aging cheat right about now!   :P

 Thank you for reading! 

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