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The Standish Legacy


Generation Three:  Alaina:  Part Two
Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex, death scene

Alaina and her cousin settled in to college life right away; redecorating their dorm rooms with their scholarship money, doing well in their classes, 

 ... and meeting interesting new people.   


True to his word, Alaina's crush, Leo,  came to visit her at college as well, and it wasn’t long before the smoldering passion between them blazed into a roaring flame. 

Alaina was nervous, but he was so careful and gentle with her, that afterward, she knew she didn’t want to be with anyone else in her entire life.  Leo tried to protest.  He tried to tell Alaina he wasn’t good enough; he had hardly any money and no real job to speak of, but Alaina shushed him with a kiss. It didn’t matter, and joyfully, he proposed, right there in her dorm room.


They decided as soon as Alaina graduated, they would get married. 

For Alaina, life was the best it had ever been. She was in love and engaged to be married; her grades were excellent, and she and her cousin were having a wonderful time living together in the dorms.  She couldn’t ever remember having so much fun and feeling so content!

Yet, all too soon, the good times came to an abrupt end. An urgent call came for both Alaina and Carmen, telling them they were needed at home right away. 


Their grandmother was dying.


“She’s fading fast,” Kayla said grimly to Alaina and Carmen as they climbed out of the taxi in front of Alaina’s house. “Alaina, you better hurry... your Gran wants to see you alone.”

“Me?” Alaina asked, confused. “Why me, Aunt Kayla?”

“I don’t know, honey,” Kayla sighed, “...but you need to get in there as quick as you can, all right?”

“Okay...” Alaina cast a worried glance back at her cousin and ran inside.



She caught a glimpse of her father sitting alone in a chair, his dishevelled head buried in his hands. She also saw her Aunt Kate, very pregnant and sobbing quietly, standing beside a man who had to be her husband, Vidcund Curious. He had his arm around her and was talking in a low voice, trying to comfort her the best he could.

Alaina took in the whole scene but it barely had time to register before she entered the bedroom where her grandmother lay.

“Gran?” Alaina said tremulously, approaching the bed. “It’s me.  It's Alaina. Can you hear me?”

Morgana turned her head to the doorway and she smiled. “Alaina...” she whispered. “Please... come close to me...”  Her breathing was labored, and it was obviously difficult for her to speak. 


Alaina sat down quietly near her grandmother’s bedside. “I’m here, Gran.”

Morgana struggled for breath and grasped for her granddaughter's hand.  “Something...  I must...tell you,” she strained. “Your mother...” Just then, Morgana was overcome by a coughing fit and could not continue.

Alaina held her grandmother until the spasms eased. “Gran...what?  What about my mother?” Alaina couldn’t help but think... would she finally find out the mysteries that had clouded her grandmother’s eyes for so long? Why now, why only now on her grandmother’s deathbed could the secret be told?  Yet, Alaina had to know... she’d wondered for too long.  “Gran?"

“Your mother,” Morgana croaked, “didn’t die...naturally.  She...was killed.  Murdered....” 


“Murdered!”  Alaina cried. “Gran, no! Who would kill my mother? Who would want to do such a thing, Gran? Who?” She sobbed quietly, in shock... the tears running freely down her cheeks.  Who would want my mother dead? Why? What had my mother ever done to anyone?  

Morgana turned her dying eyes on her granddaughter and gently touched her cheek.  “Be... with your grandpa soon, Alaina.  He couldn’ face...the truth...but you,” she coughed again, waved off her granddaughter’s helping hand and struggled for control.  Finally, she drew a shuddering breath. “Grown now… and… you need to know.” 

“Know what, Gran?” Alaina asked, but then it dawned on her as she looked into her grandmother’s exhausted face. “Gran? What are you telling me? Do you know who killed my mother?”

“So sorry...” her grandmother wheezed. “...sorry I didn’t tell you… before now.  Should have, Alaina.  Didn’t want you... to hate him.  He loves much...” She coughed, and through the spasms she forced herself to utter in a gasping voice, “Alaina... it was your... father...” 

Morgana fell back on the pillows and her chest rattled with her final breath. 


She did not move again. 

Alaina was left holding her grandmother’s lifeless body, in complete shock.  Then, as the terrible truths of both her beloved Gran’s death and what she had just been told sank in, Alaina began sobbing hysterically. Not only for the death of her grandmother, but for the knowing...


The knowing of a secret kept far too long. 

To Be Continued...

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