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Challenge 008: Day Off

For some reason I thought this challenge was 1000 words and 5 pics.  So, I totally screwed that up, (I even screwed it up for being 5 pics because I have more than that!)  Here is my offering anyway, lol.  Next time I’ll be sure to re-read the rules BEFORE I sit down to write.  *bangs head on desk*


Day Off
(based on actual events)

Warnings: Language


Jesus Christ, I’m fucking tired.”  Brian yawned and stretched wearily.  “I'm fucking sore, too.  And the day’s only just started.  God, when did I get so goddamn old?”

Cindy smiled and gave her husband a cup of strong coffee.  “About the same time I did, I think." 


Brian took a cautious sip of the beverage, the same as he did every morning;  and, like always, he flinched and quickly sat the cup on the table.  “Damn that’s hot!”  He gazed at his wife, who was blissfully downing her own cup in gulps.  “I don’t know how you stand that.”

“I don’t know why I bother giving the cup to you.  I should just put it on the table to begin with.”

“Because if you did that I’d think you were mad at me.  You have to hand it to me personally.  You’ve done it that way every morning for almost sixteen years.”

Cindy laughed.  “I know.”   


Brian attempted another sip.  “I have so much fucking work to do today.”  He shook his head in disbelief.  “I humped my ass all day yesterday putting the tin up on that goddamned barn and then we had to do 1400 bales of hay.  Today it’s finish the barn, get the doors on, and get that goddamned wheat harvested before it fucking rains again.”

Cindy poured more coffee and noted the pile of dishes in the sink.  She’d done the dishes yesterday.  Four times, in fact.  But the sink didn’t lie.  There were more dirty dishes.  Where did they all come from?

“It just never ends, does it?” Brian was still complaining.  “Jesus Christ… this is the time of year we’re supposed to slow down a little.  The goddamned fair is the week after next!  Have those kids been working those hogs?”

“Yes.”  Cindy’s eyes drifted to the pile of laundry she could just barely see through the entry to the utility room.  That was only part of it, she knew.  There was another hamper near the kids’ rooms, and another in the master bathroom.  She had no doubt they were all full, despite the three loads of wash she’d done the day before.

“Just goddamn never ends.”  Brian said again.  “Fucking wheat.  Then it’ll be straw, and then more hay.  Fuck.  Just once I’d like to take a day off and say fuck it.”

“Why don’t you?” Cindy thought about the pile of bills she needed to pay and the books she had to update.  

She’d just paid bills five or six days ago, but it never failed; as soon as she sent them out, a whole other round showed up in the mailbox.  It was like a boomerang.  And the books… Lord have mercy.  Those things never ended.  At least she’d been able to get the filing system she wanted under way, and the depreciation schedules for the equipment had been updated.  Except for the new combine harvester.  She still didn’t have the paperwork on that… 

“I dunno…”  Brian picked up the television remote and clicked it until he found the weather.  He watched it for a while, drinking his now-cooled coffee.  “They say it’s not going to rain until Monday.” he mused.  

“Yes, they were saying that last night.” Cindy replied, pouring herself more coffee.  She had a good caffeine buzz going, and she needed it.  It was quiet now, with the six children still abed, but already Cindy could hear the sounds of her brood stirring.   

It was always the younger ones first, and then the oldest boy lurched out of his room, followed by the six year old girl.  Finally, the oldest girl would stalk haughtily into the midst of the family, and then it would all start… the activity, the playing, the raucous laughter…  the whining, the arguing… the clamoring for food... the fussing… the mess… 

Cindy sighed.  Too often she felt as though she was more of a referee than a mother, and the constant demands of cooking for her family,  cleanup, and settling the inevitable disputes left her little time to attend to the other things she needed to do.

“I was kind of hoping for rain,” she said to her husband.  “It’ll make the garden easier to weed.”

“Are you getting much out of the garden yet?” Brian asked.  “The lettuce looks good."

“Yes, I’ve been picking in it almost every day,” Cindy replied.  “It needs weeded though.  I  just haven’t gotten to it.”  Hoeing the garden was something Cindy tried to do after she’d put the little ones to bed and the air outside cooled down, but since the baby had been cutting more teeth, he hadn’t been going down quietly, and more often than not Cindy found herself still soothing and rocking him long after sunset.   She missed gardening; it was very meditative in its own way, but the baby wouldn’t be a baby forever, and mothers had to do what they had to do.

“Well,” Brian said.  “If the rain holds off until Monday, I can probably do the wheat tomorrow. “  He drummed his fingers on the table, frowning.   “Maybe I can take a day off from the farm today and help out with the kids so you can get some things done, like the garden and the bills and stuff.”



Cindy smiled, and then she gave an ironic sort of laugh.  “That just kills me, you know,” she said to Brian, shaking her head disbelievingly.

“What?” he asked.

“Your ‘day off’ means you babysit all day and I do chores and paperwork.  When do we get a real day off?”

Brian snorted.  “I think we gave those up a long time ago.”






Bonus… REAL PICTURES.  Sorry if the quality isn’t good… I was very far away and zooming with the camera. 

The new barn under construction.  That's Brian in the forefront, and his two cousins in the background.

Brian putting up trim on the barn after the siding (tin) was finished.

The new combine far far away in the wheat field.   Those are soybeans in the forefront.

Some of the straw.  Yep, they did that today too.


PS: Brian actually did not take a day off today.  They decided they needed to do the wheat and the straw too!  Crazy workaholics… 


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