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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

I decided to try my hand at the Poverty Challenge, as recommended by madame_ugly.     I'm hoping to keep it an "old maid" challenge (not marrying or moving anyone in) and get the extra 35000 points, but we'll see how that works. ;)

So, I bring you... 

Poverty Challenge; the Less Family

Meet Penny Less, the teenage founder of my Poverty Challenge.   She is a Romance sim and a Sagittarius, and she lives on a 5X5 beach lot in a custom hood.    

Penny's rather lucky she lives on the beach, as it provides some ready-made entertainment, creative skill building,

...and exercise.

I honestly don't know if this would be a cheat or not.  It's an extracted item from Castaway Stories and it's available on MATY.  It's a shelter-bed.  Sims can sit in it, relax in it, and sleep in it.    Penny did have to buy it, though... so I suppose it's okay.

Penny does her best to keep her needs bars up, but in spite of playing with the local strays,

fitful slumber,

and a steady diet of hot dogs at Ed's Barbecue Shack, 

she still manages to get fired from her first after-school job for poor performance.  Sigh.

Her sandcastles are getting better, at least! 

Winter sets in with a bang. 

 Rather... a clunk.


And poor Penny misses the school bus the next morning due to her predicament.  That's not good for someone who's already barely squeaking by. 

Who needs friends?  That's what the social bunny is for! 

"My life sucks and I hate everybody!"   *flails arms*

Come on, Penny... tantrums won't help anything.

Neither will kicking over the trash can. 

You might need what's in there for breakfast, after all... 

"I hate school.  I hate everything."

"And YOU are really starting to piss me off too!"

"Geez, Penny.  Your place really sucks."

"Thanks, Meadow.  So glad to see you can be Miss Judgemental as well as Miss Perfect." 

Give it up, Penny.  It's too far gone.  There's no hope for it any more. 

Fired again, and what's worse, her grades are now too bad for her to have a job at all.

"Hey, the hotdogs at the Thrifty Lama are better than the ones at Ed's!"

Penny, did you know this guy is standing in the plate?

Penny:  *shrugs and continues eating.*  "Maybe that's why they're so good." 

Oh, this is something Penny really doesn't need! 

That poor girl just can't catch a break!

You know it's bad when you don't even have anything the repo guys want.  But, there is a certain freedom in not having to worry about paying bills!

That's practically a whole four years' worth of homework there.

Penny, give it UP!  You're two hours from your adult transition. Trust me, after that it won't matter. Just like in real life.


Well, it was hard, but she made it to adult.  With $3 to her name.  *giggle*

At least now she won't keep losing her job because her grades suck.  So in that respect it might get a bit easier.  I love how she has the want to move out, lol.  Sorry, Penny.  That's not going to happen any time soon.  

This challenge is a hoot.  I'm really loving it so far!  Thank you, Madame!!

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