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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we saw the Less family, Penny Less had just grown to adult with little more resources than she had when she'd started as a teen.  She'd nearly frozen to death,  failed out of high school, couldn't hold a job, and even the Repo Man couldn't find anything of hers worth taking.  

Hopefully, Penny's life will start getting better.  We'll see...  

Well, Penny has made it to Adult and has a job as an Ambassador's Intern.  I must say, the suit is snazzy, but the hair has to go.  Sorry Penny, but the ponytails just won't cut it for your adult self.

So it's off to Ed's Barbecue Shack to use the mirror, which is decoratively placed over a urinal.  Lovely.

Penny:  *dies laughing*

Okay.  You, like, NEVER put short hair on any of your sims... and you start with me?  Srsly?  Um... no."

"This is more like it."

But I use that hair so much already!


*Sighs*  Very well.

Yes, the new coif works much better with that suit.  Which is good, since she's going to be wearing it a while.  

Penny's little home on the beach.   Still no toilet, but that's what the ground is for... and then the tub to tidy things up afterward. 

And check out how good those sandcastles are looking these days!

*Sigh*  "I'm so tired of hot dogs."

He's baaaaaaack!

And this time he sees fit to take Penny's shelter.  Asshole.

*Pants and swoons*  "
I thought nature hikes were... supposed to be... fun!" 

*collapses from heat exhaustion*

Burglar!  My first one in forever!!

No worries... the culprit is caught and all is well.

Penny decides to use some of the insurance money to try her luck with the matchmaker.   However, the matchmaker doesn't look too pleased with Penny's $15 contribution.

... and she sends the Repo Man.  Well, Penny doesn't let that stop her.   They may have low chemistry (1 bolt) but he's cute... and he's male.

Her romantic relationship with the Repo Man progressed... 

...and progressed... 

... and progressed... 

... and progressed, lol.

This was a product of risky woohoo by the way.   *pats Penny* 

Penny:  *looks at snow, feels pregnant belly, and worries.* 

And right about now, I decided there could be no old maid challenge for me.  *sighs*  I couldn't do it... Penny just got knocked up at the wrong time of year.  Winter had just started, and she barely would have enough money for a crib, let alone a roof over the little one's head! 

"I is having your baybee and I has no money and it is snowing and I is cold and YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!"

Repo Man:  *wonders what he got himself into.*

Repo Man brought $5500.00.  Not a lot, but enough to at least build the Trailer Trash Special: Beach Edition.

Wonder of wonders... it has a real toilet! 

Now Penny can puke in style!  (she has food poisoning from eating out of the trash can, by the way...)  

Repo Man (yes that is his actual name) is a Romance sim, but that doesn't stop him from getting a job as an EMT.

He also has 8 cooking points.  Guess who's going to be doing the cooking from now on.  

Penny:  "Oh my God this is better than sex.  I hope I never see another hot dog as long as I live..." 

Repo Man:  *thinks*   Oh,
I've got a hot dog you'll want to see.


Vermin.  Which leads to flu... which leads to...


"Take that, Reaper!" 

Guess it was a good thing Repo Man was there, huh?  

Now, where was I...


Not the highchair!  It's the only piece of baby furniture they have! 

One thing I have to say, this custom 'hood's police force are made of awesome.  No burglar goes un-arrested in this town!

Penny?  You don't look so good.

Quick!  Get some hot water and soap!  Get some blankets!  Get some... oh yeah, I forgot.  The spinning trick.   Right. 

And here is litlte Hope Less.   Funny how I'm using the name Hope in both this game and in my Legacy, but I had to.  In this game it was just too perfect... *giggle*

Poor little Hope, born into such poverty.  *sigh*    With two unmarried Romance sims for parents to boot.   

Should be fun, lol. 

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