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Standish Outtakes: The Curious Family

They won't come into the story much (except perhaps in outtakes) but I wanted to show off some pics of the Curious family in the Standish Legacy story game.  :)

If you recall, Kate Standish married Vidcund Curious, and the last time we saw her, she was pregnant. 


She had boy/girl twins; a brown haired, light-blue eyed boy named George, and a blond haired, light-blue eyed girl named Kitty.  Yep, I named them after their grandparents.  :)

*fast forward*

I wasn't too sure about how Kitty and George would turn out (they were very odd looking toddlers and I didn't take any pics of them *embarrassed*  but I think as children they ended up adorable!  

Great personalities, too.  Kitty is a sloppy and playful Saggitarius like her Grandpa George, and George is a neat and serious Virgo.  They both have 8 nice points like Grandma Morgana. ;)

Here are some "family photos."

Vidcund and Kate

George and Kitty

Pascal and his teenage alien daughter Starla

The whole family.

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