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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we checked in with the Less family, Penny had fallen in love with the Repo Man and became pregnant by him.  In desperate need of some help, she asked the Repo Man to move in.  He accepted, and soon after, their daughter Hope was born.

Warnings: a little bit of language

It took Penny quite a while to recover from Hope's birth.

As a result, most of the early baby care was done by Repo Man.

Who was also still working hard every day as an EMT.  The guy is a machine.  Seriously!

Oh great... the ONE lot I can't use a genie and I get one!  Oh well... I'm sure it'll make a nice decoration.

"La ga goo!" 

Penny!  Hope isn't even a toddler yet!

 "God, Penny.  Are you eating AGAIN?" 

*shoves food in face*  "Mmf.. good food... good..."


Toddler care and training.  It is long, boring, and uneventful.

Suffice it to say, for the most part, it all got done.

 Mostly by Repo Man.


"Hey baby, I'm the big bad Repo Man!"

"And I see something I'm gonna take, right here."

 Penny:  *giggles* "Don't you need your special Repo Man gun?"

 "Oh, trust me.  I have a special Repo Man gun for you."


Penny.  It is wintertime.  I do not care if you live at the beach.  It is still cold and you do NOT need to be making sandcastles in your underwear!

 And finally, the Less family welcomed their son, Worth.

Who unfortunately tends to get forgotten.

Hope:  "Oooo... I can has new toy?"

Hope became a child, and actually managed to grow up in gold. 

And the birthdays kept right on coming.


That meant more toddler training for Repo Man, which had its ups and downs...

"Oh God... he stinks.  Take him away now."


What is it with the nannies and the toilet?  Dirty toilets, of all things?? 


Oh well... if she wants it that bad, I suppose... 

*stomps foot*  "I can't believe that bitch took our toilet!" 

Yet, despite all the adversity, Worth managed to grow up well too. 


Although the family is doing better financially, more mouths to feed mean they are still struggling. 

Here, Penny just spent their last $120 at the grocery store.

I think it's cute how the cashier at The Thrifty Llama is behind glass, lol.

It works, though!

And the growing kids can once again shovel in the food... just like their mother!


Right about here, Penny, who is half-Family, rolled a want to get married.  I wasn't going to do it, but Repo Man didn't have any fears of it, so...

Repo Man became Repo Less.  *giggle*

Now, where's the Flaming Wedding Rings of Doom?

Oh, yes, there they are.

Times two.

*in unison*  "Why oh WHY did the Goddess make us get married???"


Oh, don't complain.  You both know you're sickeningly happy together.


Hello... what's this? 
I haven't had a werewolf in forever.  Repo Man, get out there and play with that Pack Leader!

"Ha!  It's behind my back and you're looking for it!  I didn't even throw it!"


*laughs*  "I can't believe you fell for that.  You actually looked for it, and it was behind my back.  See?  I still have it!  See?  I didn't really throw it.  I just acted like I did, and you fell for it!"

"Just throw the goddamned stick, motherfucker...  before I eat you alive."


Oh geez... Penny's trash picking again.

What in the world did she find in there?


Whatever it is, she thinks it's finger-licking good! 

Well, at least she didn't get food poisoning.  This time, lol.

More to come...

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