Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Childfree boards make Cindy sad...

I ended up on a LJ childfree board, and I did some reading.  I shouldn't have, but  I did.

Now I am sad.

Gah... do people really feel that way about other people who have kids?  That we are wasting our lives, and that we aren't worth talking to any more, and stuff like that?

It really hurts, you know?  I have nothing against people who don't have or want to have children.  Nothing.  But it really makes me sad to think that some of those people might think I'm a complete waste for having some.  It hits a nerve, because there isn't a mother alive today who doesn't feel as though she sacrificed a LOT for her children.  And then to read about how some people think mothers are stupid for doing that is really hurtful.

Oh well.  Guess I know what NOT to read from now on, right? 

/end rant.
Tags: meme, real life
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