Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Standish Outtakes: Ripp has a run-in with Mrs. Crumplebottom.


Okay, this is totally NOT part of the storyline, but too funny not to share.  As part of the next update, I had to send Hope, who is now a young adult, Downtown.  Prior to this I had speeded Ripp through college and he is now an adult as well, living back with his brothers. 


Hope was supposed to be searching for a rich future husband for the story, but after she’d been there for about 2 sim hours, she suddenly made a beeline for the photo booth.   I didn't know why, but then I realized that Ripp had shown up at the same place (as an uncontrollable) and ACR took it from there.  :D

He didn’t even bother to take off his coat, lol. 


So it’s not part of the story.  I can still let them have their fun, right?


But then… along came Mrs. Crumplebottom! 

*commence purse-beating spam*


Ripp looks so confused by the whole thing!


“Jesus, what a crazy bitch!” 


But in the end, he was happy.


And Hope made sure to get a momento of the evening.  :D

Now, please to be forgetting you read this, as Hope isn't supposed to have lost her virginity yet.  ;)

Tags: standish legacy
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