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My "Deluxe" Servos for upload!

The last post in WCIF Sims2 ... ROBOTS had me thinking about my Servos I had made a while ago, and I thought I would upload them here for anyone who is interested.  Please read through this entire post before you install them, however!

I call them Deluxe Servos, and they are actual Servos... not just sims made to look like robots. They do Servo chores, recharge, run amok, electrocute other sims, etc. They also never age, and can be around for generations!

So here they are, Boolean and Ascii Robotz.  REAL SERVOS who are humanoid like sims!

Some known issues...

These sims do revert to Maxis Servo form occasionally. I have tested them extensively... at home and on community lots, exiting and re-entering the lots, inviting them as guests, seeing them as walk-bys and "welcome wagon" sims, etc... and there seems to be no particular pattern as to when they revert. 

However, these Servos do not seem to revert very often, and if they do there are a few easy fixes:

One way is to spawn the wardrobe adjuster from the Insiminator, and use it to force a redress into Everyday or Formal. Another way is to type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into your cheat window, then shift-click on the Sim and choose "Change Suit/Casual 1" and that will take care of it, even on a community lot. 

You can disable boolprop by typing boolprop testingcheatsenabled false  in the cheat window after that.

Like I said, they do not revert very often, and hopefully, they won't make a habit of it.  *shakes fist* I have seen where they are Maxis Servos upon first entering their lots, but never revert again after that. However, I've also had them be fine when the lot is first entered, so who knows? ((shakes head in confusion))

Any questions on how to use these Sims or how to get them back if they revert to Maxis, don't hesitate to ask!

IMPORTANT NOTE:   These sims are packaged in an empty lot. I'm sorry about that, but as far as I know, it's the only way to import a "custom" Servo in your game because you cannot make a Servo in Bodyshop. 

So install the Sims2Pack file as usual, and you will find the Servo in your Occupied Lots and Houses bin.   You must visit the lot, and you will see the two Servos there.  (There's nothing else on the lot except Ascii and Boolean and they only know each other.)  I did not make them related, so from there what you do with them is up to you.  You can get them married to each other, move them out and in with other Sim families, or just have them roam your neighborhood.  :)

MORE IMPORTANT NOTES:   If you have Nightlife and/or Pets, it may not be a good idea to ever let these sims become Vampires or Werewolves. One of my own "test subjects" in my game was bitten by a Grand Vampire Downtown (purely random... I wasn't even controlling him!) and he reverted to a "Maxis Vampire Servo" form. I wasn't too concerned at first; figuring I could just go into his lot and change him back. Well, I couldn't. Not even after I cured his vampirism was I able to get him back! So... just a word of caution! 

It also appears this download requires SEASONS EP (along with OFB) to function properly.  It might have to do with the fact that this is a lot, and the weather in the game is saved lot-specific (since I have Seasons, the lot had weather saved with it and there's no way I know of to prevent that.)   So... it could very well be that unless your game can recognize the weather the lot wants, the lot will crash.
  This is a bummer, I know.  :(


 Get them here!  

Thank you and enjoy!!! 

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