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Fun Stuff: Pixel_Trade Mini Breeding Experiment

 It's been a while since I had a good old-fashioned breeding experiment in my game where I can hopefully get unique sims to clone and reuse later, so last night I decided to do one.  I was bored but not in the mood to play for real or do anything overly contsructive... but still wanted to have a bit of fun, and what better way than to breed sims?  :P

This picture gets the teaser because isn't it just the seventh circle of cute?  

The fathers are from pixel_trade... my three favorite alien guys. 

katu_sims  Bao-Dur Dork

Nathan Peet from dothesmustle


Antares Spencer from  rainbowflyer

And the mothers are...

Snowflake.  I downloaded her from MTS2 and gave her different hair.  She has creepy eyes, though, doesn't she?  I probably should have changed that.

Domina.  She's actually the sim I used for Gabrielle in Pale Horse Riders, tweaked a little (okay a LOT.)  For the record, I generally DO NOT LIKE Enayla's skins.  This one is sort of an exception.  I'm not sure why, but the reddish color makes it look better to me. Wierd.  Anyway... 

Eden.  The typical girl next door.  So of course she's a Romance sim.  ;)  She has the freckled skintone featured on madame_ugly's Dorian Davenport. 


I've only had four "genetic mergers" between the six of these sims take place so far... but I thought I'd go ahead and post them. 

To begin with, we had Domina get pregnant by Antares, and the result was Belle Spencer.

To me, she looks too much like her mother, although it might be interesting to see how Antares' genetics come out in a grandchild. 

Then, we had Eden get pregnant by Nathan.  I just love that freckled skintone on the babies!! 

Toddler Christopher Peet.  (yes that's Bao-Dur doing the birthday.  He's all about the babies isn't he?)

Adult Christopher Peet.   That eye shape is very distinctive, isn't it?

Next, we have Bao-Dur and Snowflake's baby, Colton Dork.  Yay!  A greenie!  But those EYES!  *shudders*

Fly, baby, fly!

I can't decide!  Is he cute or is he creepy?  GAH!!

Creepy.  Yep.

Finally, we have the product of Eden and Antares... Justin Spencer.  Another green bean!  I love how they're all over there cheering for Eden, and Snowflake is also giving birth in the background.  *giggle*  And oh... nice package, Nathan.  ;)

Seventh circle of cute, I tell you! 

Finally, here is Justin Spencer as an adult.

Next, to get Justin and Colton out of the house and commence with more breeding.  I'm probably going to do a second generation as well, eventually.  I'm hoping to get some sims I can have for future use or offer up for trade!  

Breeding sims is fun, lol!

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