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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we checked in with the Less family, Hope and her brother Worth were born and grew to children, and our founder, Penny, finally decided to marry their father, the Repo Man.

Warnings:  Language, a little bit of partial nudity

Time passed… happily for the most part. 

I was able to dig the Less family a small pond;  hardly more than a puddle… but it was enough to start providing the family with much-needed extra food


and it gave Repo Man access  to a secret club.  Unfortunately, because of his buggyness, he can’t visit any community lots.

Speaking of buggyness… yikes. 

Buggyness aside, Repo Man is just itching to show off his culinary skills with all the fresh ingredients!

The family was also able to plant a rather good-sized garden.

They all pitch in with the work, and they  are looking forward to harvesting a bumper crop of tomatoes. Yum.

Hope, your homework is NOT DONE.  Do NOT complain to me about how you want to stop and go do something stupid!  (10 playful points)

I finally had to invest in some toys for the kids so they could keep their Fun level up and still want to do their homework.  They’re not going to repeat their mother’s mistakes, even if it did put the bank account down to less than $10 again!

Obviously.  Well, at least it was clean this time!

But, the toys seemed to help.  Hope managed to get through all of her homework, at least. 

Worth, however, doesn’t seem to have that problem.

He is rather anal though.  
“You want me to mop puddles?  Sweet!”

*puts books away*

*sweeps up dead roaches*

*washes dishes* 

*cleans bathtub*

Ewww… I hate how the kids put their hand on the toilet rim when they clean it!  Nasty!

“It is advisable to heat the water to boiling before adding the dry spaghetti.  Be careful not to overcook the pasta, as it tends to lose flavor…”

Repo Man… you are not allowed to clean.  If you get a cleaning skill point you will be promoted.  This must not happen.  Please to be stopping.

Yes, that’s the idea.  Get distracted.

“Um… don’t mind me.  I’m just goin' to the bathroom.”  *averts eyes* 

“You know what, Hope?  Somethin’ important’s gonna happen for us, I can just feel it.”

“Look at that… there’s a whole world out there.”

"A whole world just waitin’ for us."

“We’re gonna have everythin' we could ever want, Hope.  We won’t be poor no more.”


I guess sims can get sunburned on a cloudy day too.  Poor Hope!


Well, sunburn or not, soon it was time for Hope’s birthday into Teendom.  All appears to have gone well.

Except for that Flaming Hourglass of Doom up there.  Oops.

“God, growing up badly is so embarrassing.”

First things first.  First, find a job.

Then, a new hairstyle.  Something simple and classic.

Maybe a ponytail would have been better suited for your new job in the Oceanography career, though. 
Oh well.

It’s nice when Penny takes Worth for nature hikes.  Bad things like bees and heat exhaustion don’t seem  to happen nearly as much when she does that!


Sigh.  I guess old habits die hard.

“God… damn… stupid… shitty house... nothing to… fucking DO around here… “

“… just homework… and stupid work… and gardening… not even a goddamn RADIO…"

“…and my goddamn mother… eating out of fucking… trash cans... and expecting me to clean up after her when she gets fucking food poisoning..."

“… Damn stupid… stupid… stupid… I  FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE!”
That’s good, Hope.  That’s healthy.  Let it all out. 

“A classic recipe for old fashioned macaroni and cheese with three different cheeses and also uses plain yogurt for extra creaminess your family will love…”

Penny is finally able to put those skills she gained from making sandcastles to good use when the family bought an easel.  Her first painting sold for over $150!

And the garden is just coming right along.

Impressive!   Yes, you can tell who does most of the work in it. Gotta love Repo Man.

Not only does he do all the cooking and most of the gardening and fishing while bringing in most of the household funds, he fixes everything around the house when it breaks. 

Which seems to happen all at once.  

Worth is extremely excited about his A+ report card!

Umm… maybe too excited, since he passed out right on the kitchen floor beside his homework. 


“I don’t know, dearie.  Probably for the same reason you kept paying the insurance on the car you’d sold three  months beforehand?”

Just shut up, old woman. 


I suppose you are still a little useful.  *glares at nanny*

Oh boo hoo… let me guess, your fun level is down.

No surprise there.  Ugh.  Like I mentioned before, Hope has 10 playful points, and usually I like that in a Sim… but in this Challenge I’ve discovered it has its own problems.   

Her Fun level is almost always  in the red, and she “needs” to spend so much of her time playing, that she doesn’t have any time for anything else, like homework, eating, or sleeping.

Well, since all your homework’s done, I suppose you could go down to Ed’s and play with their pinball machine.  

“Oh thank you thank you thank you.”
  *runs down the street*

Wait... don't you think you ought to take a bath first? 

Actually she can take care of that at Ed’s too.  (Have I mentioned I just love that lot?) 

Why does this guy show up every time I send my sims to this lot?   Luckily, Hope managed to avoid him.

“Hmm, these are actually really good.  I wonder why Mom never lets Dad make them?”


More to come…

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