Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

You know what I hate? Packing peanuts.

Cause I just hate it when I get a package from UPS, and the kids are all jumping around "I want the box! I want the box!" (boxes are the Best Toy Ever, doncha know)  and being a good mommy I hurry and try to unpack the box to let the kids have it and the damn PACKING PEANUTS fly all over the kitchen.

And then they get all static-y and stick to EVERYTHING.  My hands.  The floor.  The cabinets.  Yep.

And then the cat comes in and thinks they are Great Fun, and proceeds to jump into them and scatter them even more.  

So the cat is now covered in them too.

And said cat then thinks it is more Great Fun to run through the house at top speed.  And of course right about then is when the packing peanuts lose their static-y-ness, leaving a trail wherever the cat ran.

Meanwhile, as I'm cleaning up the cat trail of packing peanuts, the 3 and 4 year olds have wandered into the kitchen and discovered the wealth of little styrofoam shapes still all over the floor there.  They proceed to pick them up in double handfuls, and gleefully squish them, breaking them into even more small styrofoam shapes.  Which they then proceed to throw wildly up in the air.  Over and over again.

"Look Mama!  Snow!" they cheer as I walk back into the kitchen, having dealt with the mess the cat has made, which was small in comparison to the mess unfolding right before me.   I have multitudes of packing peanuts which have been reduced to styrofoam confetti on the kitchen floor, on the countertops, on top of the stove, in the girls' hair, stuck to the walls and the cabinets and all over the girls' hands and clothes.  

I stand and stare.

They laugh.  "Snow!"   They pick up more and throw it up in the air, laughing as it floats down.  "Snow, Mama!  Snow in the house!" 

I smile, and then I laugh too.  

I laugh at the mess and the two funny little girls who made it. 

And I'm so glad those girls turned those packing peanuts into snow... because I really hate packing peanuts.

Tags: real life
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