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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family


The last time we checked in with the Less family, they had been able to plant a garden and dig a pond to help with expenses, Penny and Repo Man continued to be blissfully happy and randy as junkyard dogs, Worth did his best to keep the household together, the nanny swiped another toilet, and Hope became a troubled teenager with Fun level issues.

Penny aged into an Elder… quite gracefully I think.

She’s a bit older than Repo Man, but he doesn’t let that stop him one bit.
“You’re still as sexy as ever, baby.  Should I get out my gun and prove it?”

“God you guys are so disgusting.” 

Speaking of birthdays… Worth aged into a teen soon after.  
He not only grew up well, he grew up in platinum.  Way to go, Worth! 

He’s rather unimpressed, however.  *faceplate*

Oh, but please tell me this isn’t going to be Worth’s permanent uniform as a stand-up comic!  I’m willing to take the points hit on a promotion for him just to get rid of that get-up.  Yikes. 

Penny retired from her job as an Ambassador’s Intern, and decided she would devote all her time to selling paintings.  

She sold several small works, but then began to work on her Magnum Opus.

She calls it Ode to Hot Dog, and it will never be sold. 

It hangs proudly on the wall for all to see, and for Penny to remember those cold, lonely days, munching hot dogs at Ed’s and barely able to keep body and soul together.

Her home is still humble, but it is a real home now.  

And while it may not be filled with many expensive things, it is certainly filled with love.


Penny being retired also meant she had more time to work in the garden.

The harvest was rather poor… but good for a first try.  At least all the plants survived!

Plus any extra bit helps when it comes to stocking food. 
“Your turn to do the dishes, Hope.” 

“Um, I don’t think so.  I’ll just wipe this one off on my shirt, here… see?” 

As time wore on, Hope’s Fun need kept getting increasingly difficult to fulfill.   I discovered  that a sim with 10 playful points’ Fun meter doesn’t go up as fast as other sims’ either.  

So they not only have to play more, they have to play longer.


So,  I finally broke down and let the girl buy a radio.

Hope must be wearing off on him.

“Worth, do you think it’s healthy that the only teenagers we know are each other?”

“I mean, we go to school and everything, but I don’t have any boyfriend prospects and you don’t have any girlfriend prospects.  That can't be normal.”

“It’s good for brothers and sisters to be close and everything, but…  Hey, Worth?  Worth, are you listening?”

*forces eyes away from boobs*  “Uh, what?  What did you say, Hooters?  I mean, Hope?"
*huffs*  “Nevermind.”  

Winter sets in again, and the heavy snow looks quite picturesque on the Less family’s growing beach bungalow.

They should be sure to stay toasty warm with that new fire hazard stove!

Well, mostly.

One would think they’d provide Hope a better outfit to wear in the winter for her job.

*Sigh*  “At least the snowman gets to wear a scarf.” 

Penny sold her first masterpiece!  Somehow I thought she’d be a bit more thrilled than that.

No matter.  After that sale, she became more dedicated to her art than ever.

Usually at the expense of her personal hygiene.

She doesn’t seem to mind.  However, Worth isn’t too impressed.

“Geez, Mom!  I’ve heard about ‘suffering for your art,’ but do you need to make the rest of us suffer, too?”  

espite the suffering involved, Worth also decides to try his hand with the canvas and brush.

It helps to keep his mind distracted from things around the house he’s probably better off not seeing.



Well, all of that distraction paid off for Worth!  This made him happy for a while! 

Hope on the other hand…
Fun level low again, I suppose?


Look, Hope.  Worth is doing your homework for you!  Isn’t that nice? 
“Yeah, well, Worth has an unholy crush on me.  What’s your point?” 

Winter ended, and, despite the lingering snow, Springtime means time for a new garden. 

It also brings two birthdays for the family… Hope and Repo Man.

Repo Man aged first, and all went well, thank goodness.  I was afraid his buggyness wouldn’t let him age or the game would crash or something.  *sigh of relief* 

Your turn, Hope dear.  
“Huh? What?  Oh yeah... birthday.”

Wow, she even grew into a decent outfit!

OH NO.  NOT AGAIN.   It took forever to get her out of aspiration failure the last time this happened. 

But now she's an adult.  So instead of tantrums, I have to deal with this.

And this.

Aaaaand this.

Welcome to adulthood, Hope!


..More to come…

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