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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we visited with the Less family, Penny and Repo Man both aged to Elder, teenage Worth was becoming  somewhat confused regarding his close relationship with his sister, Hope, and Hope managed to grow to adulthood, albeit badly.

Warnings: some language, partial nudity, and somewhat incestuous overtones

Hope wasted no time in accosting every male walkby she could with the intent of fathering her children getting them into bed.

“Potential babydaddy?”

Um… this isn’t supposed to be an uglacy, Hope.

“But I can still have sex with him, right?

Well, you better check with your brother first.

*glares* “So are you only here for the fishing, Mr. Landgraab… or do you have other motives?”  

“And who are YOU, Mr. Unidentified Townie? 

“I promise you there won’t be any strings attached, Trent…”

“Um… isn’t that your WIFE walking down the sidewalk, Mr. Traveller?”  

“No, your brother’s right.  I should go.”

“Damn it, Worth, you have to stop interfering in my life!”

“But Hope, I just want you to be happy!  He can’t make you happy!  He’s a married man!”


I totally can’t believe this.  This is three, now.  For the poorest family I’ve ever played!

The new couch.  Sigh.

Not to worry, a member of the Most Awesome Police Force Ever has arrived!  I love how she’s waiting for the burglar to put away the loot.  So considerate! 

“Well, I’ll just leave you to your fine work.”

And once again… BUSTED!  Made of awesome, I tell you!   

*thinking* “Why is she down there all by herself?”

“She’s so pretty.  I don’t think she knows how pretty she is.”

Hope:  *exasperated*  Jesus, Worth!  Do you have to follow me everywhere?”

Worth:  “Who said I was following you?  I was just looking at the ocean, Hope!  I swear!”

“Worth, I’m worried about you.”  

“Growing up, we’ve always had to work so hard and worry so much, and we’ve only had each other to talk to and lean on, so I think it’s understandable that you feel… confused.”

 “I think you need to get out more… meet some new people.”

“…make some more friends…”

“…and start thinking about having a romantic relationship with someone.”

“Hope, I don’t think about you like that!”

“Well, sometimes I wonder.”

“Trust me, Hope… that’s the last thing on my mind when I look at you.”

“…now to get the shadow on her bellybutton just right…” 


Since Hope isn’t planning on marrying/moving in any of her babydaddies and she seemed to have a lot of bad luck in the dating department, I decided to make a few sperm donors in CAS to stock the neighborhood.

Oh look, there’s one of them now!

“Care to come in for a drink, Mr. Clone-of-Justin-Spencer-With-Different-Hair-Skin-And-Eyes?”

And later, as things heat up, (thanks to ACR…)

Hope:  *smiling and speaking through clenched teeth*  “Worth, go to another room.”

“But I want to finish this.”

“I SAID GO!”   

Aw, that’s sweet.

But forget about it, Mr. Clone-of-Justin-Spencer-With-Different-Hair-Skin-And-Eyes, you are not going to have a relationship with Hope.  You are only as good as your sperm.  That is all.

*reminds self to submit Justin Spencer to [info]pixel_trade* 


Sadly, I noticed Penny’s life span was coming to a close.  I wanted to make sure to send her off in grand style, so she had one last date with Repo Man to get her into platinum aspiration,

And when the Reaper came for her, she went willingly.

It was a sad day, although she did leave a beautiful platinum tombstone behind…

Along with several tens of thousand simoleans!  That’s right, the Less family is actually quite well off now!

“All right, Hope.  We have to decide what we’re going to do with the inheritance left by your mother.  I know she’d want to see it go to good use.”

“God, she is so pretty.”

“Well? What should we do, kids?  Remodel?  Invest?  What?”

“Remodel, definitely.”

“I vote for some electronics, too!”

“A computer!”

“A video game!”

“A good telescope!”

“Another double bed!”


“Okay, okay… we’ll see what we get.  That money may not go as far as what you two are thinking.”

Repo Man was right.  Although the family had over $50,000 when I began to remodel their house, I didn’t get everything quite done before I ran out of funds. 

Worth:  *thinks*  “I know my room isn’t done yet and Hope said I could sleep here, but Jesus God… I can’t let her see me like this.  Tents belong outside.”

With the waning of summer came Worth’s adult birthday.

It was as I feared… although his aspiration had been staying pretty high, not going to college sent him over the edge.

“It’s all right, Worth.  That’ll pass… eventually.”

Repo Man can’t bring himself to sleep in his new comfortable bed without Penny.   I just let him be.  


I did, however, buy him and Worth some badly needed new clothes.

“Do you like my pancakes, Dad?”

*gags*  “Yes, son… they’re very good.”   


I probably should have gotten Repo Man new swimwear, although I’m still confused as to how he managed to get sunburned wearing that.  *shrugs*

“Come on, Mr. Babydaddy… let’s go to the bedroom.”  

“Oh dear God… when I think of what they could be doing in there…”


…you would be absolutely right, Worth.  Sorry about that.

*glares*  “Well, I hope you enjoyed pleasuring yourself with my sister, asshole.”

“Damn, I have the weirdest feeling I was being watched.”

Hope, have you been eating out of the trash can like your mother?  Or could that be…?

“I’m pregnant, Worth.”

Um… Wut?”

*cries*  “And the father has moved to the sim bin away and I don’t know how to find him!” 

*thinks*  “He’s goddamned lucky he did, because if I ever see that bastard, I’m gonna fucking kill him!”

“It’s okay, Hope.  I’ll be there for you.  You know that.”

“Thanks, Worth.  Now I really need something to eat.”

“Wait, Hope!  Don’t eat those!  Those would be bad for you… look at them!”

“If you want pancakes, I’ll make you some fresh ones.”

“Those look great, Worth! “I’m starving!”

“I was really careful when I made them for you, Hope, so they wouldn't burn.  And I bet you can’t even taste the extra wheat germ I put in there.  You need more nutrition now, you know.  I think for lunch I’ll make some of that really good chicken soup I have a recipe for.  It’s full of protein and lots of vegetables, and should be easy on your stomach.  How does that sound, Hope?  Does that sound good?  Hope?”

*shoves food in face*  “Mmf… Good food… good.”


… more to come...



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