Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Drabbles: Simstorytellers Weekly Drabble Prompt: Abnormal

Featuring Hope and Worth Less from my Poverty Challenge.

Word Count:  98
Pictures: 1
Note:  This is a dialogue only drabble, and to avoid confusion, Hope speaks first.  ;)

“Whatcha’ reading, Einstein?”

“Oh, just a pregnancy book.”

“A what?”

“A pregnancy book.  It tells me all about what’s happening inside you.”

“Inside me, huh?  I love your choice of words, Worth.”


“Nevermind.  So, what’s it say?”

“It says you should eat healthier.  Look, there are recipes for juice-sweetened, whole grain cookies in here.”

“You dare take away my chocolate chips and I’ll put something inside you.  As in up your ass.  Like my foot in high heels.”

“Okay, okay… calm down.  Stress isn’t good for our baby.”

“You know something, Worth?”


“You’re just abnormal.”

Tags: drabble, poverty challenge
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