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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

Previously with the Less family, Worth's feelings for his sister became even more confused, and growing into adulthood didn’t help matters whatsoever, Hope had an intimate relationship with a hot blond neighbor despite Worth’s best efforts to quell such activity, the founder, Penny, died of old age in platinum, leaving the family with enough money to build a beautiful home, and Hope discovered she was pregnant.

Warnings:  language and incestuous overtones



Worth began to prepare for Hope's coming baby by reading books on pregnancy and parenthood in his spare time.


He also made sure Hope had proper nutrition,

Cleaned the house,

and fawned over his coming niece or nephew almost incessantly.

Repo Man also gave lots of attention to his grandchild-to-be. 


In fact, Hope’s baby bump became more of an attraction than Angelina Jolie’s, at least around that house.

Not to mention other parts of her.

“Hope, I think your cleavage is deeper.”


“Oh yes… much deeper.”

“Hope, it says here that at the end of the first trimester the baby already looks completely human and it has all of its parts.  Basically all it’s going to do for the next six months is grow bigger.  Isn’t that fascinating?”

Hope:  *thinks*  “God, I am going to get so fat.” 


“Hey Worth, are there any more cookies?”


Repo Man retired and began to devote more attention to the garden, which desperately needed it.

And, poor Repo is definitely still bugged… see that plumbbob  across the road?  Well, that’s his.  Weird.

Repo Man:  “I miss my plumbbob.”


When Worth grew from a teen, he was promoted from Stand- up Comedian to… a Stand- up Comedian.  Does that really count as a promotion?   Anyway, he did get a much nicer outfit, thank goodness. 


“The second trimester is an exciting time, as the fetus is very active, and is now large enough for the movements to be felt by the mother.  Some movements may even be strong enough to be felt externally by placing a hand on the mother’s abdomen.”


“Have you felt the baby move yet, Hope?”

“Oh, is that what that was?  I thought I was just hungry.”

“Hope!  Oh wow, Hope! I think I felt something!”

“There’s really a baby in there!”

“No shit, Sherlock.” 


“… the second trimester is usually when the mother physically feels the best, as morning sickness has usually subsided and the awkwardness of the final months hasn’t set in.  The appetite usually increases significantly as well, in response to the demands of the rapidly growing fetus.  Adequate protein intake is essential at this time, and the mother may also experience cravings for the spicy foods she couldn’t tolerate in the first trimester…”


Hope:  “Wow, what’s all this?”

Worth:  “Ribs.  With extra spicy barbeque sauce.”


*stuffs face and licks fingers*  “Oh my God, this is the cat's ass.  I love you, Worth.”



“Of course I love you, Worth.  I'm your sister.”

“Sister… right.”


Hope, I know your Fun bar is low, but do you really think you ought to dance with your brother like that?  Don’t you think it’s a little, um… suggestive?


“Where are you going, Worth?  Don’t you want to dance anymore?”  

“Sorry, Hope.  Something came up.  I’ll be in the bathroom.”


Hope:  *belly explodes*

“What the hell?”

Yep, third trimester’s a bitch.


“Bye-bye, my little tadpole!  Be good for Mommy.”


Worth:  *blows kiss at belly*  “Daddy has to go to work now, but I’ll be home soon!” 

Hope:  “Worth, we’ve been through this.  You are not the daddy.”


“Uncle.  I meant Uncle.”


Pregnancy was difficult on Hope.  She seemed to be one of those sims who never got enough rest.


And  even with the super-charged food and her ability to clean a plate in five seconds flat, her hunger bar was constantly dropping into the red. 

Or worse…  

Get your ass in there, Worth, stat!

“Holy shit… holy fuck… I knew I shouldn’t have slept in another room!”


Worth:   *begs*  

Worth:   *chooses*

Worth:   *wins*

Worth:   *is awesome*

Hope:  “We’re still alive!” 

“Worth, you’re the best brother in the world.  How can I ever pay you back for this?”

*sighs*  “Hugs are a good start.” 

“The third trimester is generally marked by increased fatigue and moodiness …”


“Get the hell off the couch, Worth.  I want to lie down.”

“Hope, don’t you think your bed would be a better place to…"

“I said MOVE.”


Hope?  Is it time?

I think that’s a yes. 

Worth:  *stupid grin*  “Hope!  Hope, our miracle is almost here!"


Worth:  “How bad is it, Hope?  Hope?  Is there anything I can do for you?”


Worth:  “God, I feel so helpless!” 

Hope:   *in strained whisper*  “God, would you please shut the fuck up?”


Finally, Hope held her brown-haired, blue-eyed baby girl in her arms, and named her Heart.

Welcome to the world, little one!

“Thanks for being with me, Worth.  I’m sorry I told you to shut the fuck up.”

“You told me to shut the fuck up?”

Repo Man is happy.  Looks like Heart has his eyes!


“Here you go, Uncle Worth.  I know you’re dying to hold her.”

Worth:  *snuggles Heart*  “How’s my sweet baby, hmm?  How’s my little girl?”

Hope:  Worth, how many times do I have to say it?  She’s not your little…”


“Oh, nevermind.”


More to come…


Thought I would do this before I lost track…


Current net worth:                           52,492

Child raised to teen:  2  @ 3000  =   6000

No social workers

Accidental deaths:    2 @ (3000) =  (6000)

  Note: does it still count if they were saved?  Cause they were.

No runaways


Penny: none

Repo Man: none

Hope: 1 (upon aging to adult)

Worth: 1 (upon aging to adult)  

Total 2 @ (1000) =  (2000)

 Total at beginning of Generation Three:   50,492


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