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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family


When we last were with the Less family, Worth threw himself wholeheartedly into preparations for the birth of Hope’s child, and in his continuing confusion regarding his familial relationships, seemed to forget he wasn't actually the biological father;  Repo Man retired, Worth saved Hope’s life, and the family welcomed a new addition, Heart.

 Warnings:  Language, incestuous overtones 

With the addition of Heart to the family, Worth thought he would simply overflow with happiness.

No biological father could have loved a child more, or been more enthralled.

He could spend hours just looking at her, in awe at the miracle his sister had produced.

Repo Man was thrilled with his grandchild, too… but being the Romantic he was, as he neared the end of his life span his desires turned to other things.

He still wasn’t able to sleep in bed without Penny, 

But that didn’t stop him from performing various other activities in it.

Hope:  “So you’re in love with my dad, huh?  Well, don’t hope for much.  He’s not only Romantic, he was extremely devoted to my mother, and he’s really getting up there in years…” 

Townie:  “Oh, it’s okay.  Townies are used to being the one night stands of elderly Romantics desperate to die in platinum.”

Worth:  *plans portrait*

Worth:  *paints portrait*

Worth:  *is in the Zone*

Hope:  *gets figure back* 

Heart grew into a toddler, and Worth made sure she had everything she could ever want. 

He took Heart’s training very seriously, as usual reading books on the subject.

“Learn to recognize the signs of readiness in your child for toilet training.  Dry diapers upon waking are one of those signs, as well as being able to communicate the need for a clean bottom…”

Along with teaching the child the basics,

Worth also wanted to instill in Heart a love of the outdoors,

And he spent time playing with her every opportunity he could find.

Hope also found she enjoyed motherhood.

Even when parts of it weren’t always enjoyable.

Sadly, Repo Man died not long after Heart became a toddler.

Despite his family’s grief, he did go with Grim quite happily (and non-buggily!  Whew!)

He did also manage to die in platinum (thank you, Townie) and his tombstone rests close beside Penny’s on the beach.

Despite the loss of his father, Worth was happier than he’d ever been.  He and Hope were closer than ever due to their mutual parenting of Heart,

Heart was thriving and provided a source of constant joy to the household.

Plus, Worth had his art to occupy him as well. 

However Hope, who is a bit of a Romantic, started to become restless and began to think about finding another babydaddy love interest.

Naturally, Worth wasn’t too keen on that.

“Why does she need to do this?  Why isn’t our family enough for her?”

“She doesn’t even know him that well!  How can she let him touch her that way?”

“Get up, you sorry son of a bitch.”

“Get your ass out of my sister’s bed and get the hell out of my house!” 

“Worth, what are you doing?  Stop it!  WORTH!”

“She doesn’t need you!   Do you hear me?  You think you can just come in here and fuck my sister and call that love?  That’s not love!  That’s shit!"

“I’m the man of this house!  I’m all she needs!  You’re nothing to her!  Nothing!”  

“Worth, stop!  He’s gone!”  

“Damn you, Worth!  Why do you have to be like this?  God!”  
 *runs inside and slams the door.*


“Hope… why does it bother me so much?  You being with other men… why?”

*sighs* “ I don’t know, Worth.”  

“I know I shouldn’t care this much, Hope.  But you’re so special.  You’re so important to me.  I don’t want any of them to… to… “

“… to do what I can’t.”

“I don’t want them to end up more important to you than I am.”

“You’re all the family I want, Hope.  You and Heart.  I know what I feel is wrong, but…”

“Oh, Worth.  It’s not wrong.  There isn’t any right or wrong when it comes to feelings.  We’ll always be close.  Nothing will change that.  I just wish you didn’t need me so much.”

“I’m afraid you’ve elevated me to something I’ll never live up to. There is no perfect, pristine woman, Worth.  Not me, not anyone.”

“But I know you can’t help how you feel.”

“I’m sorry, Hope.” 

“And I’m also sorry about chasing what’s-his-name away.”

“Liar.   But it’s okay.  Mr. Clone-of-Kevin-Standish-with-Black- Hair-and-Green-Eyes wasn’t that great in bed anyway.”


It appears he was adequate enough to perform a simple biological function, however.

“Oh shit… how am I going to tell Worth?” 

Well, Hope, all he has to do is look at your bright orange plumbbob.  For you, that’s  a more reliable indicator of impending maternity than any pregnancy test.   

Hope's fears were unfounded, as Worth was thrilled, and became just as excited about the coming baby as he had been when Heart was on the way.

“I’m glad you’re not upset about me being pregnant again, Worth.  I know I haven’t been the most responsible person in the world, and I was really embarrassed about telling you.  Especially after how upset you were to find me in bed with the father…”

Worth:  “The sperm donor, you mean.”

Hope:  “What?”

“Hope, this is the only way I can have the family I want with you.   I’m not going to be upset by it.”

“Look, I know there’s one thing we can never be to each other, but it’s only one thing, Hope.   I can still have a home here with you, kids to love, and a happy family life.”

“I know it’s not normal… but it’s what I want.  It’s all I ever wanted.”

“Da-da, up?”

“Now, Hope… don’t we have a birthday to plan?”

Heart grew into a lovely child, with only one problem.

She’s another 10 Playful point sim. *headdesk*

Heart:  “Whee!“

Worth:  “Stop that, Heart.  You’re going to break the springs.”

Hope:  *under breath*  “Well, someone around here needs to.”

When Heart went off to her first day of school, Worth nearly burst with paternal pride.

He delighted in helping with homework,

…and cooking nutritious meals for both Heart and Hope.  The scare he’d had when he’d nearly lost Hope during her first pregnancy was still fresh in his mind, and he hardly let her lift a finger to do anything.

“Hope, get back to bed!  You know you can’t take any chances when you’re pregnant!”

“But I’m bored, Worth!”

“You heard me, Hope.  Go.”

Hope:  *groans*

“Here, Hope.   I brought you a book to read.”

“Thanks, Worth… but I’m lonely stuck in here all the time.  Why don’t you lie here and talk to me for a while?”

“You mean… on the bed?”

“It’s just talking, Worth.  Besides, I’m on bedrest.”

“Well, okay, Hope.  If you want me to.”

“I really can’t wait until the new baby is born, Hope.”

“Damn, Worth… you should feel  all of this kicking!  My ribs are going to be black and blue.  Here, put  your hand right here…”

“Oh, my God… it’s like a circus in there, isn’t it?  That’s so amazing, Hope.”

“It’s just so… amazing…”

“I know.”

“Um… You know, Hope… I should probably let you get your rest.”

“You’re right… I am getting sleepy. *yawns*   Thanks for hanging out with me, Worth.”

“Anytime, Hope.  Sleep well.”

Later that night, Hope wandered into the kitchen for a snack, and suddenly was overcome by contractions.  The baby was coming!

Worth:   “Hmm… I think you’re having another girl, Hope.  Your ass got bigger this time again.”

Hope:   *groans*

It appears Worth’s old wives’ tale was right.  Hope did have a girl.  A black-haired, green-eyed girl named Dream.

“She’s so beautiful, Hope.  Just like her mother.”

“Did you hear that, Dream?  He said you’re beautiful.  He’s right, although I think he’s little biased…“

“Fathers usually are.”


More to come… 

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