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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family



Previously with the Less family, Repo Man died, Worth devoted himself to the care of Hope's child, Hope found a new romantic interest who Worth drove out of the house in a fit of jealousy, Worth began to admit his unusual feelings toward his sister, and Hope gave birth to a new baby, a girl named Dream. 

Warnings: Partial nudity, language, incestuous overtones

Shortly after Dream’s birth, Worth quit his job as a stand-up comic.

It gave him more time to spend doting on the new baby, 

…and more time to play with Heart.

He also was able to give the garden some attention, and earned a gold badge for himself!  Way to go, Worth!

Hope didn’t mind being the sole breadwinner, and in fact, went back to work the day after Dream’s birth.  In the rain. That’s dedication for you.

Being home full time also enabled Worth to focus more on his art, and his favorite subject matter.


Hope:  “Worth, this is stupid.”

Worth:  “It’s not stupid, Hope.  It’s art.”

Hope:  “I’m wearing leaves.  That’s stupid.”

Worth:  “It looks incredible, especially against the background of the ocean and sand.  Stay just like that.  Don’t move.”

“I might as well be naked.  And I probably will be if a big wind comes along.”

“Oh don’t worry, I could work with that.”

In due time, Dream became a beautiful toddler.

From the very beginning, she was a bit more difficult than her sister Heart.

Make that a lot more difficult.  (Scorpio:  7,4,9,8,1)

Of course, Worth didn’t mind, and set about helping the child through all of the usual toddler issues with the patience of a saint. 

It was a happy time, and for all intents and purposes, they were the perfect family.

Heart was doing wonderfully at school,

… and Worth even decided to adopt a puppy for the girls from the Humane Society… a goofy mixed-breed male named Brain.

Yet soon the inevitable questions arose, as Hope knew they would.  

“Mommy, why do I call Daddy my daddy when he’s your brother?  Wouldn’t that make him, like, my uncle or something?”

“Well, Heart… you call him Daddy because it makes him happy.  Plus, he feels like a daddy to you, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, I guess so.  But I had another daddy, didn’t I Mommy?”

“Yes, Heart.  There was another man I knew a long time ago who made me pregnant with you… but Heart, he still lives in the sim bin doesn’t even know you exist.”

“Your daddy loves you.  That’s all that matters.  He loves you, he loves your sister, and he may not be your father, but you can consider him your daddy... because where it counts, he is.  Does that make more sense to you?”


“Heart?  Do you want to go outside and play some catch?”

“Sure, Daddy!”

Dream:  *stalks Brain*

Dream:  *grabs Brain*

Dream:  *mauls Brain*

And soon, Dream grew into an adorable, if ill-tempered, child.  

“This is the way you build sandcastles, Heart.  Watch me.”

“Dream… I’m older than you are.  I think I’ve built more sandcastles than you.”

“I don't care if you are older!  I’m still better than you!”  

“So there!”

Eventually, however, the relationship between the two sisters grew.  Heart is just too sweet to let a few smashed sandcastles stand in the way of family.

Now that both girls were in school and he had more time on his hands, Worth began to seriously think about the advice his sister had given him long ago.  

To meet someone new, find someone to love… 

Worth had never wanted to find a love interest before, but he wondered… would it be such a difficult thing?  Maybe a romance was what he needed… 

Perhaps, if he did become romantically involved with someone, it would help to fill the aching void that, despite his best efforts, still throbbed within him.  

He decided he was going to try.

“You know what, Hope?  I think I’m going to take your advice about meeting someone new.  We still have some of the money Dad left us… I think I’m going to call that gypsy matchmaker.”

Hope:  “Oh, Worth, don’t call her.  She’s a scam.  All she ever sent for me were losers.”

Worth:  “Yes, but you didn’t pay her very much, did you?  Maybe that makes a difference.”

“Mom always used to say Dad was the best $10 she ever spent.  But if you want to waste the money, go right ahead.”

“ Well, I won’t do it if you don’t think it’s  a good idea, Hope.”

“No, Worth.  It’ll be good for you to meet someone.  I just don’t want it to be some skank who ends up hurting you, so please be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Hope.  I’m a big boy now.”

“So I noticed.”




Worth’s date began on a promising note.

And as she encouraged him to take things to the next level, it looked as though Worth might truly have found his match.

Unfortunately for Worth, once the action moved to the bed, the evening took a decidedly  *ahem*  downward turn.

Worth:  “I’m sorry… I can’t do this.  You need to leave.  Now.”

Downtownie:  “What’s your problem?”

Worth:  “N... nothing.  You just need to go.”

Downtownie:  “C’mon, baby… what’s the rush?  We got all night.”

Downtownie:  *gasps*  “Oh shit… you’re not even…”

Worth:   “Just go away.  Please.”

“So, like what, are you gay or something?  Look, that’s cool.  Lots of guys try it with a chick just to see, you know?  It’s no big deal.  I even know some guys from the city I could hook you up with…”

“I’m not gay.  Just… would you please leave.”

“Whatever.  Listen, call me if you ever feel ‘up’ to it.”  

Hope:  “Worth?  What are you doing in here?  Did your date leave already?”

Worth:  “Yes.  I asked her to go.”

Hope:  “Already?  Why?”

 “Hope… Oh, God… Hope… it was horrible.”

Hope:  “Come on, Worth... I'm sure it wasn't that bad.  First dates can be awkward... that's no reason to get so upset.  Why don't you tell me about it?”

Worth:  *thinking*  “Hope… oh, Hope.  God help me, she’s so pretty.  And she feels so soft, and she’s so warm and her hair smells so good and… and…”

“Oh, no…  Now?  Oh, God… so now I’m getting… Oh my God, what’s wrong with me?”

Hope:  “Tell me what’s wrong, Worth.”

Worth:  “I can’t, Hope.  I’m so disgusting.  You’ll hate me.”

Hope:  “Worth, you know that could never happen.  Tell me.”

“Okay, if you want me to tell you, I will.  Hope, my date and I were in bed together, and we were going to…  she was going to let me…  I was getting ready to... 

“God, I can’t even say it…”

“You were going to have sex?  Worth, you’re a grown man.  There’s nothing wrong with…”

*shudders*  “No… that’s not all of it.  Hope, I tried, and I… I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t do it, Hope.  My… body just wouldn’t… not for her, but just now… when you were holding me, I… I…”

“God, I’m such a freak!”

*runs up the stairs*


“Worth, we need to talk about this.”

“No, Hope.  Just forget about it.  Please.”

“Worth, listen to me.  You’re not a freak, and you have no reason to feel disgusting.”

“I see you every day with the children, and you’re wonderful.  You’re the best father they could ever have and the only one they need.”

Hope:  *from other side of door*  “You’ve taken care of them and me for years now, always putting us first.   You’re the gentlest, kindest, most thoughtful person I know.   No one else has ever cared about me as much as you have, and I don’t think anyone ever could.”

Hope:   “I... I have a confession to make to you, Worth.  I encouraged you to go on that date tonight because it seemed to be the right thing to do, but deep down, I was a little jealous.  You’ve always been there just for me, all this time… and I didn’t want to have to share you with anyone else.”

“And what you told me just now, in the living room, it made me feel…  it made me…”

“Worth, it… it made me feel really good.”

More to come...

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