Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Outtakes: The Less Family: Worth's Room

I was playing during naptime today and thought I'd post some pictures of Worth Less's room.   

You can certainly tell what his true passion is, can't you?  :P

Overview.  Of course he has a surfboard, lol.  In my mind he was an avid surfer, even though the game doesn't have that option (was anyone else disappointed by that when Bon Voyage came out?)

The painting he was doing in the last update.  It appears Hope's leaves didn't blow away.  :P

Hope and Heart

Hope on the Beach: I

Hope on the Beach: II  (This is the first one he did of her, while he was still a teenager)

Hope on the Beach: III

Gotta love him!  :D

Tags: outtakes, poverty challenge
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