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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family


The last time we visited the Less family,  Worth quit his job to devote himself to the family and to his art full time,  Hope’s daughters Heart and Dream grew and thrived, the family obtained a puppy named Brain, Worth totally failed on his first date, and some serious revelations were made between Worth and Hope that could change the entire family forever.

Warnings:  language, partial nudity, sexual situations, incest


“Did you mean that, Hope?   Did you really mean that I… that what I told you... made you feel… good?”   

“Yes... I meant it, Worth, but...” 

“How good, Hope?  How good did it make you feel to know that I… that you make me…” 


“…you make me want…”

“Worth, stop.   This isn’t right.”

“I don’t give a damn about what’s right!  Not any more.  Who the fuck gets to decide what’s right for all of us, anyway, Hope?”  

“Worth, don’t you get it?   I’m your sister.”

“But that's just it, Hope!  What does that mean?  Is it supposed to make me feel differently toward you?  What’s a brother supposed to feel like?  I don’t know!  I’ve always felt like this!”  

“Well, it’s supposed to… it’s supposed to be… “

“See?  You’re not sure, either, are you?  Hope, I know it’s not normal.  I’ve talked to enough people to know most brothers don’t see their sisters this way.  But that doesn’t change anything for me… even though I remember being kids with you, and I remember growing up together, and our parents, and going to school on the bus together, and… so many things…”

“Hope, it’s all so messed up in my mind.”  

“I’m sorry, Worth.  But we still can’t… we still shouldn’t… ”   

“Hope, isn’t there any way we can forget what we are?  Isn’t there?”

“No, Worth.  There isn’t.”  

“But you want to, don’t you?”

 “It doesn’t matter what I want, Worth.  It can’t happen.”

“Hope… please…” 

“No, Worth.”


“Worth, I said no!”

“Why not, Hope?  Why can’t we do this?  I love you!  Yes, we had the same parents, but we’re orphans now, Hope!  And we’re not hurting anybody!  Who else would even know?  Who else would care?  No one knows us in this shithole of a town anymore anyway!”

“We could be together, Hope.  It would be magical, and you know it.”

“Worth… “

“Hope, we’re already living as a family.  We’re already parents to two beautiful girls.  In all ways but one we’re already husband and wife.   Please, Hope…”

“Worth, think about what you’re saying!  The girls know!  They know you’re my brother!  What are they going to think if we suddenly start to behave like… well, like a couple?  What will that do to them?  How would we ever be able to explain that?”

“They wouldn’t have to know, Hope!  Do you think other couples do much more in front of their kids than what we already do?”    

“Maybe not intentionally, Worth, but the kids still know.  We always did.”

“We couldn’t help but know, Hope!  Do you remember how fucking small the house was back then?  We had to walk past their bed to get to the goddamned toilet!   It’s different now.”

“It isn’t, Worth.   I’m so sorry… this is really hard for me, too.  I’ve been pushing you away for so many years that it seems strange to not want to push you away any more.”

“But I still have to.  Worth, we can’t do this.”  

“God, Hope… I want this so much.  I feel like I’ve waited all my life for this.  Please don’t take it from me now… not when it’s so close.”

“Let me show you how much I love you.  Let me show you that it doesn’t matter what we are to each other.  Let me make you forget… Hope… please!”



“Oh, God, Worth… please don’t do this… ”

“Say it, Hope.”

“Worth… I… I want… ”

“Say it.”

“Worth, we can’t.”

“Yes, we can.”

“Not here.  Come with me.”


“Worth… I want to let you know…”


“I was going to say…”

“Yes, Hope?”

“Worth… I need to tell you…”

“What, Hope?”

“… that talk is cheap, but actions scream.”


Hope sighed.

She’d always known how Worth felt for her.  From the time they were children, his devotion had been obvious.  And now… now that she had allowed the ultimate act of love to happen between them, even though she should be repulsed by it, she wasn’t.  All she could think was that it was meant to be… destined to happen.  

She couldn’t explain it any better than that, but gazing into Worth’s dark eyes… eyes that were so much like hers… she felt she didn’t need to.

For Worth, Hope had always felt like an extension of himself.   Finally being able to join their bodies into one flesh seemed only the next logical step in a relationship that was so incredibly complex, but at the same time so amazingly simple.

His longings had come to life, and there was no turning back for him.  Not ever.

There had been no awkwardness between them, and no uncertainty.  Once the barriers of supposed propriety and societal norms had been breached, it had all become so simple.  It was impossible to tell which of them acted first, because everything happened so easily; one motion flowing naturally and effortlessly into the next.  

All Hope knew was she felt more content than ever before in her life.  Guilt had no place here… not this night.

Worth was more than family and beyond lover… he was part of Hope’s very soul and always had been.  

She only hoped they would have no regrets.




Hope’s fears were unfounded, for when morning dawned, she and Worth found that regret was the furthest thing from their minds.  However, although they were deliriously happy with the new level of their relationship, they were determined to keep it from their girls.  

It wasn’t that difficult.  For the most part, the only perceptible changes in the family happened in a closed room under the cover of darkness.

Otherwise, the family dynamics were largely unaffected.  Worth still devoted himself to the care of the children and the house,

Tending the garden,

And dealing with his little pesticide overuse problem…

“What the hell…?!?”

“Oh, not to worry, dearie.  Just take this and you'll be back to normal straightaway.  And if you don’t want it to happen again, just buy a couple of ladybug houses.”

Hope:  “I don’t know, Worth.  I think it’s kind of hot.” 

Worth:  “But Hope, I have daisies growing out of my head.”  

Hope:  “It’s still sexy.”

Worth:  “Fucking daisies, Hope!”

Shame on you, Hope... reading your brother's mail!   Yes, that is Worth’s love note.  Apparently, despite Worth’s… issue…  in bed with that Downtownie, their date ended up being rather decent.   Go Worth!

Double fishing fail.

Heart:  “Ugggh… You know what, Dream?  I don’t think we’re very good at fishing.”

Dream:  “Speak for yourself, Heart.  I totally meant to do that.”

Like mother, like daughter.

Food goes everywhere!

Worth:   “Don’t worry, Hope.   You just finish up there.   I’ll wash these in the other sink.”

Dream LOVES the telescope.  She uses it to actually stargaze almost as much as spying on the neighbors.

She also loves picking on the neighborhood kids.  She brought this hapless little boy home from school.

“Nyah, nyah!  You’re just a Townie… you suck!”

Dream:  *sings*  “I’m a little teapot, kickin’ your butt.”

Brain grew into an adult dog, and actually turned out rather nice!  

He spends a lot of time sitting on the beach and watching the waves.

He also follows the ghosts around whenever they haunt.  

The nights can be very busy around the Less Family’s house!

In more ways than one. 

Worth:  “Hope, you’ll never guess what I found in one of the dresser drawers.”

Hope:  “I have no idea.”

Worth:  “Mom and Dad’s wedding rings.”

Hope:  *mildly exasperated*  “Oh, Worth.”

Worth:   “So, do you want to wear them?  Just… you know… because?”

Hope:  “I don’t know, Worth.”

Worth:  “Please?”

Hope:  “Oh... hell with it.  Why not?”

Worth:  “I feel like I should say something as I do this.”  

Worth:   Um… how about, I pledge to love you with everything I am, Hope… love you and worship you and be there for you… always… until the day I die.”

“Silly.  I don’t need to wear Mom’s ring to know that.”




Heart became a teenager, and although Hope and Worth were proud of her and thrilled she was growing up well, they couldn’t help but be slightly worried her increasing maturity would bring a new awareness as to the nature of their relationship.

 However, if Heart knew anything, she kept it to herself.

Dear diary…

I could hear my mother and her brother again last night in her bedroom.  I know what they’re doing in there, but I’m not going to say anything.  I’m not going to tell them I know they are lovers.  

All it would do is upset them and make them feel bad, and I can’t do that.  

They’re good people, diary, really.  I don’t know why they want to do those kinds of things with each other, but who are they hurting?  It’s not like they do it right out in front of everybody…

… and I think as long as no one else ever finds out, it’ll be okay.


More to Come… 

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