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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family


Previously with the Less family, Heart and Dream grew and thrived, surprising revelations were made, and Worth's greatest wish was finally realized... but will that dream carry a price?  And if so, for whom?

Warnings: partial nudity, sexual situations, language, incest

Hope and Worth continued to raise their family, doing the best job they could.  

Hope still worked full time at the local dolphin rehabilitation center,

And Worth was selling his paintings as fast as he could churn them out.


With one thing and another, they were more comfortably well-off than they had ever been, and Hope and Worth also continued to happily live as husband and wife, even though they knew by birth they were brother and sister.  

They realized it wasn’t a normal relationship, and likely would not be considered remotely healthy by most people's standards of measure, but they had long since decided they were going to live by their own standards.  It worked for them.  

And as time passed, they found the lines of family relationships became more and more blurred... causing them to feel as though they had always been this close;  that this had always been meant for them.  Sibling?  Spouse?  What did it matter when there was so much love involved?  

It didn’t matter to Hope and Worth whatsoever.

It also didn’t matter to Hope’s teenage daughter, Heart.

It wasn’t that Heart exactly approved of the relationship.  No, it still greatly disturbed her when she would think about it and realize what her mother and her uncle were actually doing, and that they even wanted to do such things with each other.

She didn’t understand how they had ever allowed themselves to become that close.  It didn't make any sense to Heart at all.

However, she realized it wasn’t harming anyone, and as long as it was kept privately within the family, no one would ever be hurt by it.  She also knew her mother and uncle would be devastated if they knew she was aware of the level of their intimacy, but she had no intentions of ever telling them.

Heart could never do that.  It would hurt them too much, and the family’s peaceful happiness was of utmost importance to her.  

So she perpetuated the secret, confiding only in her journal which was kept under lock and key, and the family continued on, marking the passage of the years by the seasons and by growth.

Townie kid:  “I’m winning, yay!”

Dream:  “I can’t believe I’m getting my butt kicked by a Townie kid.”

Townie kid:  “Just a little more and I’ll have my best score ever!”

Dream:  “If you do I’ll knock you in the head with this, I swear I will!” 

Townie kid:  “Well, that was a good game.  I need get home for supper, though.”

Dream:  *is furious*

“Ooohhh... stupid Townie.  Just you wait until tomorrow at school.”

Soon, Dream became a teenager, possessing an intellect as sharp as her wit.

It wasn’t long, of course, before she realized the subtle, yet definite romantic activity between her mother and the man Dream called Daddy but knew was really her mother’s brother. 

Dream found she didn’t particularly care what they did together.   She thought it was repulsive, but it didn’t affect her life one way or the other.

The secrecy that surrounded it, however, attracted her attention like a moth to a flame.


Dream:  “You know what, Heart?  I think Mom and Dad’s relationship is a lot more than just brother and sister.”

Heart:  “What do you mean, more?”

“I mean… more.  Like they screw each other senseless practically every night.”

Heart:  *gasps*  “Dream!”

“Well, they do.  And oh my God,  you know it!  Look at your face!”

“It’s none of our business, Dream!”

“But it’s sick.  Demented.  He’s her fucking brother.  That’s some Freudian messed-up shit right there.”

“Dream, you have to promise not to say anything to them.  They think we don’t know! You can’t tell them, Dream!”

“Well, what would you do if I did?  Would you get mad?  Oooohhh… does it excite you to know what our mother is doing with her brother?   Does it turn you on?   Jesus... maybe I should start getting dressed in the bathroom from now on.”

“Dream!  I... what... ?"

“Well, I think I have to tell Mom that she needs to stop all this fucking incest shit because it’s giving you too many ideas and I'm starting to fear for my personal safety.”

“Dream, that’s disgusting!  Why would you say something like that?”

“Mom and dear 'Uncle Worth' need to hear you think what they’re doing is disgusting.  I’m going to go tell them right now.  You know what?  I agree with you.  They’re two goddamned sick individuals.”

“Dream, stop!  Stop it!  I don’t think they’re disgusting!”

“Well maybe I do.  I’m an impressionable teenager, for fuck’s sake.  They need to act with some goddamned decorum around here.”

Heart:  *cries*  They do, Dream!  They never do anything like that except in their bedroom.  You can’t say anything to them!  It’ll hurt their feelings and they’ve always been so good to us...”

“Oh, dry it up, Heart.   I don’t give a shit what sick and twisted things they do.  They’re like, old.”   

“I was just fucking with you, Heart.  God, you’re so gullible!”

Heart:  *sniffs* “You know what, Dream?  Sometimes I think Mom and Dad really should have named you Nightmare.”

“You mean, Mom and Uncle Worth, right?  Because you know he’s not really our dad.  He’s really our mother's brother, even though she lets him bone her whenever he wants...”

“Shut up, Dream!” 




Time passed.

Hope was growing older, and Worth, only a few years her junior, followed soon after.

They continued to be blissfully happy, filling their days were filled with tender companionship, and their nights with loving gentleness.

They took to taking long walks along the shore, hand in hand… remembering their youth and all the shared memories, reliving the circumstances that had brought them to the unique, passionate relationship they currently shared.

Beyond lover, more than family… those were the words that had echoed in Hope’s mind the night she and Worth had first made love, and they were still true. 




Heart and Dream, for the most part, appeared to be doing very well.  They were both in high school and holding down part time jobs; Heart washing dishes for Ed’s Barbeque Shack after school, 

and Dream teaching a beginner’s aerobics class on the second floor of The Thrifty Lama.

And  although the two girls appeared to work well together, 

have a happy family life, 

and be the best of friends, Heart knew nothing could be further from the truth.

She wished it was true.  Heart certainly wanted to be best friends with her younger sister, but Dream was making it so difficult!  

Despite her claims of indifference to the situation, Dream simply would not let Heart forget what she knew about their mother, and brought it up as leverage against her older sister every chance she could. 

Heart knew she was letting herself be baited, but she didn’t trust Dream at all.  So, she did what she felt she must do to keep harmony between herself and her sister, all to prevent hurting their parents.

Dream:  “Jesus, Heart!  You call this an essay?  This is crap!  I can’t turn this in.  You’ll have to redo it.”

Heart:  “But Dream, I have my own homework to do too.  And there’s nothing wrong with that essay.”

“Stop your pissing and moaning, Heart.  I told you it’s crap, didn’t I?”  

“Yes, Dream.”

“You know what I’ll do if you don’t redo it, don’t you?”

Heart:  “Yes, Dream.”

Dream:  “Good.  So get the lead out of your ass and get it done.”

It didn’t stop at homework.  As time wore on, Heart became aware that her sister was subtly using her knowledge to influence Heart in almost every aspect of their daily life.  

Household chores that were to be shared by both the girls somehow always ended up being done by Heart.

Spending money earned from both girls' part time jobs would be spent only how Dream wished it to be spent.  Whether it be new clothes or jewelry, inevitably, Dream ended up with her choice first. 

Eventually, Worth noticed the inequities between his two girls.  He observed how Heart did the lion’s share of the work around the house and how Dream ended up using most of the girls’ spending money on herself.  

He haltingly mentioned his concerns to Hope.  He knew there was some sort of conflict between the sisters, and as he had never felt anything but the deepest attachment toward his sibling, he was at a loss as to how to deal with the situation.  

Hope, while she had not ever dealt with sibling rivalry in the same way as her daughters were, she did recall feeling quite exasperated toward her brother at times.  Not only that, she well remembered the way teenage girls act toward each other in general. 

 She assured Worth that whatever conflict was between the girls would soon work itself out.

However,  Worth kept worrying, and he could not stop himself from talking about his concerns to Heart when, one afternoon, she arrived home from school and promptly passed out from sheer exhaustion. 

Heart:  “I'm okay, Dad.  Don’t worry about me.”

Worth:  “Heart, you’re working yourself too hard.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed you’re doing both yours and most of your sister’s share of the work around here.“

Worth:  “I haven’t said anything about it before, but Heart... you can’t go on like this.”

Heart:  “I told you, Dad... it’s fine.”

Worth:  “Why are you letting Dream get her own way so much, Heart?  What happened between you two?”

Heart:  “Dad... please...“

Worth:  “Look, Heart...  I love Dream, but I’m not blind to the fact she can be somewhat manipulative at times.   It wouldn’t hurt for you to stand up to her every now and then.”

Heart:  *thinking*  Oh, Daddy... if you only knew... 

“You’re right, Dad.  I’ll have to start being more assertive.”

Worth:  “Good.  That’s my girl.  Now, shouldn’t you go get some rest?  Don’t you have a date with someone tonight?  The new paperboy...  Eric?”

Heart:  “No Daddy... Dream has that date, not me.”

Worth:  “What?  I could have sworn you asked me if it was all right if you went out with him!”

Heart:  *shrugs*  “Maybe you’re remembering it wrong, Daddy.”

Worth:  *groans*  “Maybe...  I am getting a bit up there in years.  Come on, Heart... you still need your rest.   Help an old man walk into the house, would you?”   *pretends to stagger* 

Heart:  *laughs*  “Oh, Daddy...”

Heart kept smiling as she and the man who had raised her made their way inside, but as soon as she reached the privacy of her bedroom, she broke down in tears.  

Worth had been right about Heart being the one to have the date with the paperboy, Eric.  He had asked Heart out only a few days before, and she had accepted.  

Unfortunately for Heart, however,  Dream had suddenly decided she liked him too, and had quickly made him forget Heart was his first choice.  Heart was devastated, but she felt she could not interfere.   

Dream took everything else from her, why should boyfriends be any different?  

Heart:  *thinking*  “When will it stop, Dream?  When will it end?” 

Heart had no idea, but she couldn’t think about it any longer.  She climbed into her bed, and soon fell into an exhausted sleep. 




A few hours later, Heart was awakened by Dream coming to their room to get ready for her date with Eric.  However, she didn’t move or open her eyes.  She had no desire whatsoever to talk to Dream.

“You asleep, Heart?  Heart?”

“Okay, fine.   I know you’re just faking it.  Whatever.  I was hoping you’d be able to tell me how I look for my date with Eric.  He’s so hot, Heart... I want to look perfect for him.  He told me he likes black hair so much better than brown, and I did my hair different tonight.  I think he’s going to fucking flip over it.”

“Oh, and before I forget, Heart...  if you do decide to get out of bed after I leave, don’t bother Mom.  She’s in her room and the door is closed.   I’m sure she’s busy committing incest with her brother in there, and they'd probably hate to be disturbed.”   

“Well, I gotta go, Heart.  Eric is waiting for me downstairs.  Don't wait up!”

As soon as she heard Dream’s footsteps descending the stairs, Heart slowly turned and faced the wall.  She could not take the risk of her sister coming back and seeing the slow, miserable tears streaming from her eyes.   


More to come.

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