Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Real Life: Dear General Electric...

Your front load washing machine, model WCVH6260, SUCKS.   Since we purchased in it late May, 2007, we've needed it repaired twice at a cost of nearly $300 per repair.  Now it has failed again.  This time, we will not have it repaired.  Not only am I convinced it will just fail again within the next six months, but I have eight people to do laundry for and I can not wait two weeks for the parts to come in.

General Electric, you can take that machine's pretty pretty lights, and all its cool looking electric digital pushbutton crap, and most of all, the front loading feature itself and stick it.  We're going to be replacing it with an old style, top loading, twist dial ironhorse of a washing machine.  The kind my mother has had for the last twenty five years.  And guess what?  It won't be a GE.

*is steaming* 

The laundry... it is overwhelming!  
Tags: real life
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