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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family


Warnings:  language, partial nudity, implied sex, incest

Part One can be found here

Time passed.

Dream grew to adulthood, and from the constant string of men going through the house at all hours of the day and night,  Heart knew her sister was giving away the pleasures of her body as easily as she would cast stones into the ocean.

Once Heart learned not to be shocked by men in various states of undress invading the bathroom and kitchen at all hours, she began to find her sister’s antics highly entertaining.

Heart:  “So do you consider yourself goth or emo?  Because I’ve never quite understood the difference between the two...”

Emo Guy:  *sighs dramatically*  “Life is the difference.  Life.  And words.”

Heart:  “Um, okay.”

Heart:  “So exactly how many boyfriends do you have now, Dream?”

Dream:  “Well however many it is, it’s that many more than you fucking do, isn’t it, Heart?”

Heart:  “Seriously, Dream... how many?  There’s Emo Guy,  I met him...”

Dream:  “His fucking name is Liam.”

Heart:  “Whatever.  And then there’s Cool Guy.  I really like his suit, by the way.”

Dream:  “They fucking have names, Heart!  You’re talking about Marc... I think...”

Heart:  “Uh-huh.  Then there’s Surfer Guy.  He left the lid up on the toilet this morning.  He's obviously not used to living with girls.”

Dream:  “I’m not going to talk to you any more about this.  You’re just fucking jealous.”

Heart:  “But what about Metrosexual Guy?  Or should I call him “Trying-To-Decide-if-I’m-Really-Gay Guy?”

Dream:  “Shut the hell up, Heart!”

Heart couldn’t resist a smug smile as her sister stormed down the hall.   It was really hard for her not to be  amused by her sister’s motley parade of boyfriends... though in a way, she was grateful for them too. 

Because if Dream was occupied, that meant she wasn’t making Heart’s life miserable, and for Heart, that could only be a good thing.  She'd enjoy it as long as it lasted.  


Not long after Dream reached adulthood, Hope died of old age.  From the smile on her face as she allowed the Grim Reaper to take her, it appeared she wasn’t too upset with how her life had been, despite some of the choices she’d made.  

Worth was devastated by the loss.  Hope had been so much more than just a sibling, far more than just a companion, greatly beyond just a lover.   There was no word for what she had been to him.   Even the often used term “soul mate” didn’t describe the bond they shared.   When Hope died, most of Worth died as well.  

He never recovered from the death of the one person who had shared his entire life and held his soul within her hands. 

It was, for Heart, almost a relief when Worth followed Hope to the grave.  Not that he was gone,  because she would miss him deeply... but that his suffering was over.  

Most of his life, he had been so confused and misunderstood.  

Heart was thankful that her uncle had finally been able to find acceptance and passionate love with his sister... even though most would find it repulsive and deranged.  It hadn’t been like that for them.   For them, it had been something beautiful.

Worth was with Hope again, in a place where Heart believed they would be judged only by the goodness of their hearts, and they were at peace.


After Worth’s death, it was just Heart and Dream in a house that suddenly seemed too large.  They lived together, but for the most part, they ignored each other.   

Dream had her dating and her work to keep her busy, and sometimes whole days would go by without Heart and Dream even speaking to each other.

Heart was still seeing Eric on a regular basis whenever she could, and since she was careful to only have him over when Dream was out of the house, she still believed Dream was not aware of the relationship.

However, Heart couldn’t hide it forever.  

Dream found out about Heart and Eric one afternoon when she’d injured her ankle in rehearsal and had to come home early.   As soon as she’d limped in the door, she’d smelled the familiar scent of Eric’s cologne.  Forgetting her sore ankle, she tiptoed through the house and put her ear to Heart's closed bedroom door, hearing the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking within.

Her sister.  And Eric!  It was all Dream could do to keep from dragging them both out of bed by their necks!  

But she maintained control, and crept away  without a word.  Later, after Eric had left, she pretended to come home at the same time as always, and didn’t ever let Heart know what she had discovered. 

Dream was sure her opportunity to act would come soon enough.

It came even sooner than expected, for only a few months after Dream discovered Heart’s romantic relationship with Eric, she discovered something else... a used pregnancy test in the bathroom trash, which had been only partially wrapped in tissue before being tossed away.

A positive used pregnancy test.  

Dream stared unbelievingly at the two bright pink lines.  As though to illustrate the point, there was even a diagram on the test itself.  Two lines = Pregnant.

Her sister was pregnant?


That was the last straw.


Eric:  *sighs*  “I love you so much, Heart.”

Heart:  “I love you, too, Eric.”

Eric:  “I wish we could stay here all day.”

Heart:  “Well, you can stay there a bit longer if you like.  Dream’s not due home for several more hours.   I, however, need to go to work.”

Eric yawned.  No, I should probably get up, too... I... study... more finals coming up..."  *snores*

Heart:  “It’s okay, Eric.  You go ahead and sleep.”  

Heart:  *thinks*  “I’ll tell him about the baby later, when he’s more awake.  He’s been working so hard this semester.  Thank goodness there’s only one left.  Six more months and he'll be done!”

“It works out perfectly that our baby will be born right about the time Eric finishes college.  Eric will graduate, we’ll get married, and we’ll move far away from here.”

“We’ll have our own family, and it’ll be just perfect.”


As soon as Heart’s pool car disappeared down the road, Dream silently crept out of her old bedroom.  She hadn’t gone to work that day, but had stayed upstairs so Heart wouldn’t realize she was home.   It wasn’t difficult; Heart never came upstairs these days unless there was a specific reason. 

It wasn't like Dream to skip work, but she knew she may never get another chance like this.

Softly, Dream tiptoed up to Heart’s bedroom door and pushed it slightly open.  Eric was still there, and deeply asleep.  Quickly, Dream slipped inside the room, closing the door silently on its latch.   Although it was daylight outside, the curtains in the room were drawn, draping the room in semidarkness.

Dream was glad of it... what she was planning would require she have as much anonymity as possible.

She undressed completely and slid into bed beside Eric’s naked, warm, sleeping body.  She ran her hands lightly over him, and he groped toward her.  “Heart...” he mumbled.  “You’re home early...”

“I decided not to go in today,” Dream whispered, playing along. 
“There’s no way I could work with the thought of you in my bed.”

Eric made a sound somewhere between a moan and a laugh, and began to move his hands sleepily over Dream’s nude body.  It was a good thing he was sleepy; Dream knew even under the covers there was no way she could pass for Heart; their bodies were too different, and if Eric became any more cognizant, he’d realize it.

Just fu..." Dream caught herself.  Saying "Just fuck me," wouldn't be something her sister would say, and would probably shock Eric completely awake.  "Just make love to me, Eric,” Dream whispered, pushing his questing hands away.  “I want you now!"

Eric obligingly rolled over onto her and Dream eagerly guided him.  Then he was there, and they were together, and Dream thought she would die from the sheer ecstasy of it.  Not of the act itself, but the thrill that Eric was cheating on Heart with her!  Even if he had no idea what he was doing! 

Yet as Eric’s excitement grew, so did his awareness.  Soon he realized the body under his didn’t have the curves and softness he loved.  The lips he was kissing felt different, and the scent from the fine silky hair caught into a single heavy braid was wrong.

Wrong, but not unfamiliar...

“Dream...” he gasped in horror, but it was too late.  His traitorous body would not be denied completion, and Dream laughed aloud with delight when she realized it.  

Oh, yes... Dream had Heart now.  Right where she wanted her.

More to come... 

Author's Note:  It may be some time before I update this story again, because as you may know, the new EP, Apartment Life, is coming out this week and I'll be exploring it for at least a little while.  ;)

Have fun Simming!
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