Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Real Life: This is going to sound really dumb, but...

Now that I know I can't have any more kids, I really wouldn't mind getting on some birth control, please.   You know, the kind that totally stops or greatly reduces the monthly cycle?  Ugh... 

It's funny.  I was one of those crazy 10 year old girls who absolutely couldn't wait to start having a period.  Just the idea I would be able to Produce Life (even though I knew not really) was so cool to me.  And then, once I did start, I never minded them.  I actually was almost celebratory... every month, my reminder of my place in the whole life cycle.  

Yes I did wax very poetic about menstruation, lol. 

I also hated birth control.  I said I felt it was just too unnatural and it made me sick, etc.   Deep down, of course, I hated it because it was preventing me from getting pregnant.  I wanted to be pregnant.  After I got married, I went through a time when I wasn't sure I wanted kids (it was the whole being out on my own for the first time thing) but that passed quickly and then I decided I just wanted to let Nature or the Goddess or whatever governs these things to take its course.  Luckily, being the insanely crazy Family sim I am, I had a husband who was agreeable.  After a few years of discussion, we decided after six kids and/or after age 35 (whichever came first)  I would have a tubal ligation, and not prevent pregnancy any longer.   It turned out the 6th kid was born when I was 35... so both criteria were met.    I had the tubal ligation in March 2008.

So now, here I am, unable to sleep because of cramps and slightly anemic... and I'm thinking, Okay...I can be done with this now too.  It serves no purpose anymore, thank you.  I can't imagine having another 15... maybe even 20 years of this.  Month after month after month.  Ugggggh.  It's like, now that I can't have any more children I really don't feel the need to keep having a cycle.   But my body hasn't figured out there's been some gametus interruptus (I just made that up, lol) and still keeps trying... and trying...

Enough already!

I wonder if my doctor would think I was too wierd if I asked for some birth control pills?   I know I'd be really good about remembering them now.  Not like when I was on them before and would pick up the pack to take one and be all like, "What day is it? Hmmm... Thursday?  Really?  Already?"  as I stared at Tuesday and Wednesday's pill still there in their little blisters.  Yes I gave my husband many heart attacks back in those days, lol.  

Ah well... he knew what I was before he married me. ;)
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