Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Fun Stuff: Apartment Life Prima Guide Snippets

Wow I'm really spamming f-lists this morning, aren't I?  Sorry about that.   :D

Depending upon how many Apartment Life preview  articles you've read, these snippets may or may not be spoilers for you, so beware...

In no particular order:

Foldaway bed!
Death by being crushed in foldaway bed!
Good glowy witches!
Bad green witches!
Spectral cats (good and evil!)
Spectral assistants (good and evil!)
Toddlers sleeping in pet beds!
Toddlers hugging!
Sims cuddling in bed before waking up in the morning!
Fake out greeting!
High five geeting!
Other new greetings!
Suck face kiss!
Spells, spells and more spells!
Break dancing!
Social classes!  (as in Low, Middle, and High Class)
Walking to work or school!
Playground equipment!
Personal helicopter!
Studying self-help from the bookshelf!
Starting funds based on family size!


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