Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Small AL spoiler + possible lighting effect for Strange_tomato?

Apartment Life downloaded for me just fine and I got it all installed around 6:30pm.  My oldest daughter played it first (I still have yet to play, lol) and she is a worse boolprop cheater than I am... she already has a good witch sim she's playing.  ;)  Anyway, she snapped this picture of one of the spells her witch can do...

... and I thought of a post that  strange_tomatowrote a little while ago about having some kind of ray of light falling from above?  Anyway I thought I'd post this pic to see if this effect might work... I'm sure it would have to be modified a bit, but maybe? 

Of course, what that spell is, I have no idea.  Like I said, I've yet to play myself.  Getting to that now, since I kicked her off the computer to go get a shower and whatnot.  :P
Tags: apartment life
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