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AL Spoilers: Ajay Loner gets an apartment

Ajay Loner is and always has been my favorite test subject for new EP's, and Apartment Life is no exception.  *grins*   I placed a small four-unit apartment building in Strangetown and moved him in.

Signing the lease.  Can't get away from that, can you, Ajay?  I wonder if there's a penalty for leaving before the lease period is up?  Or even if there *is* a lease period?  Nah... I think it's just for show... and an opportunity to meet the landlord/lady.

Immediately some interesting neighbors began to move in.  O hai thar, Miss Gearhead Townie.  Yes, I checked with the printlotclass cheat... Ajay's apartment building is low class.  I'm sure he'll enjoy that, lol. 

Time to be social and meet the rest of your neighbors, Ajay!  Aside from Miss Gearhead Townie with red hair, there is another Miss Gearhead Townie with black hair... who Ajay develops a rapport with.  Her name is Callista.

Oi!  Makeover time, Ajay.  You are really just too cute of a sim to go around wearing what Maxis put you in at the game's start.  This is one of the new outfits from AL.  I love the pencil thin tie.  Are they coming back?  I remember those being popular in the 80's.

Just a couple of random pictures to show a few of the EP's new objects...

The Murphy bed.  No, Ajay didn't get crushed.  Yet.  :P

One of the vending machines.

*Nostalgic sigh*  I remember having a mailbox almost just like this right after hubby and I were married and living in our first place.  Ah, the memories... 

I remember this, too.  "I don't know what the hell you're doing in there but it's too damn loud!"

Well, like I said, Ajay has a rapport with Callista, and he decided he wanted it to be more than friends.  

New Romantic Interaction Time!!!

Cuddling under the stars...

Can they be any cuter???

Awwww....  I just love Ajay.   *loves*

Edited to add one more pic...

Oh yes... Ajay with his maxed interest in the Paranormal is well on his way to becoming my first warlock.  Tee hee!

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