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Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we were with the Less family, Heart and Dream grew to adulthood, and Heart rediscovered her true love, Eric.  Heart was able to keep her romance secret from Dream for a while, but Dream eventually discovered the relationship.  Then, after Dream realized Heart was pregnant, she came up with a plan to ruin her sister's happiness once and for all.  She slipped into bed with Eric, who was asleep, and let him believe she was Heart in order to get him to sleep with her.  At the last moment, Eric realized the deception, but it was too late.

Warnings: language, sexual innuendoes, rape mentioned, partial nudity

Eric was too shocked to speak as he rose from Heart’s bed and fumbled for his clothes.  Truly, he was hoping this was all a nightmare... and he would wake up to find none of it had happened.  That he hadn’t been half asleep and thought the warm female body he had made love to was Heart, only to find out at the climax of the act itself that it was her sister, Dream.


He felt confused and guilty.  Should he somehow have realized what was going on before it got to that point?  Had he unconsciously known it had been Dream in bed with him all along?  Was he somehow to blame? 


Dream smirked at him as she leisurely pulled on her underwear.   

Dream:  "
Well, lover... was it good for you?”

Eric cringed.  That made him feel even worse.  Even though he knew, biologically, there was no way he could have stopped himself at the moment he realized Dream’s deception, the fact remained that it had been good.   He remembered his mind wanting to pull away in revulsion but his body thrusting forward in release.   He remembered Dream’s laughter as she clutched at him... pulling him even closer... and his own anguished but gratified moans.


Eric remembered it all... and he loathed himself.


Eric:  “Dream, you can’t tell Heart about this.  Please.   It’ll hurt her so much.” 


Dream:  “Why are you so worried about it, Eric?  It’s not like you knew who it was... or did you?”

Eric:   “What?  No!  No, I didn’t know, not until the end... but I couldn’t... I couldn’t...  It was out of my control by then.”

Dream:  Out of your control, huh?  Right.  Well, don’t fucking worry about it.  It didn’t mean anything.”


Eric:  “But why did you do it, Dream?  Why would you do that to me?  Why would you pretend to be Heart and get me to have sex with you?  I just don’t understand... ”


“First of all, I did not pretend to be Heart.  You fucking assumed I was.  And as for why I did it, well... I was horny and you were there.  What’s wrong with that?  Why can’t a girl grab a fuck when she has the chance?”  She grinned lasciviously.  “and you were a particularly good one.”


Eric:  “No, don't... Don’t say that.”  

Eric felt terrible, and as the full realization of what had just happened sank in, he was overcome by disgust.  He wrapped his arms around himself and turned away from Dream, shaking.

Suddenly, the door to the bedroom opened.


“Oh my God.  What is... Oh, God.   What is going on in here?”


“Oh, hello sister dear.  How was work?  Eric and I were just doing a little catching up while you were away... and finally getting around to doing some things we never had a chance to do when we were younger.  You know... like having sex.”  




Eric:  Heart... it’s not like that!  She came into the bed while I was sleeping, Heart!  And I thought it was you coming home from work early... and so I didn’t even think..."

  “Wait.  Are you saying you did have sex with her?  Eric!  How could you?  How could you do something like that!”


“Heart, please believe me... I didn’t know it was her!  I was asleep, and she came in... and I thought it was you, Heart!  There’s no way I would have done it otherwise.  Please... please believe me.  I feel terrible... I...”  He trailed off, and Heart turned away from him.

Heart:  *cries*  “Eric...please tell me you didn’t... Please...” 

Eric:  “I’m so sorry, Heart!”

Heart believed Eric, of course.  She knew, perhaps more than anyone, what Dream was capable of, and how much she seemed to enjoy making others miserable for reasons only Dream knew.   Yet Heart still couldn’t bring herself to look at Eric, knowing he had just slept with Dream. 

Not with her sister still standing there.


Dream:  “Oh, please.  Everybody needs to stop being so goddamned dramatic.  Heart, Eric’s telling the truth.  He did think I was you, although I’m sure what made him finally realize it was me was when it dawned on him that it was the best fuck he’s ever had...”

Eric was horrified.  “Dream!”


Dream:  “Oh, don’t even try to deny it.  You enjoyed yourself.  The evidence is staining my panties as I speak.”

Heart uttered a strangled sob while Eric flinched and shuddered with revulsion.   


“You know what, Dream?  You make me sick!  There isn’t enough soap and hot water in the world to make me feel clean ever again.   God...  I can still feel you on me... and it makes me want to fucking vomit.”


“Right, Eric.  Right.  You just fucking keep telling yourself that.”    

Dream stalked out of the room and left Eric and Heart alone, both of them too miserable to utter a sound.  Finally, after the sun had set and the room darkened even more, Heart lifted her head and squinted through the gloom at Eric, who was huddled in a corner, shaking with anguish.


Slowly, Heart moved over to him and put her arms around him, holding him close.  Eric gasped and clutched her as though she was a lifeline, sobbing. 

Eric:   “Please, Heart.  Please... it kills me to see you so upset.   I can’t stand the thought that you’re angry with me.  Believe me... you can’t hate me any more than I hate myself.”

Heart:  “I don’t hate you, Eric, and you shouldn’t hate yourself.  It wasn’t your fault.”


Indeed, Heart realized Eric had been nothing less than raped.  There was really no other word for it.  The fact he had completed the act did not make it any less of a violation.  If anything, to be betrayed thus by one's own body probably made it even more difficult.


Heart:  I’m so sorry Dream did this to you, Eric.”

Eric:  “I don’t care about her, Heart... just as long as you don’t hate me.   Oh God, Heart...  I can’t live without you... I love you so much.”

Heart:  “Eric... I love you, too.”


Eric sighed and kissed Heart with relief, tentatively at first, and then with more demand.  He began to move toward the bed, guiding Heart with him, his intent obvious. 

“I love you, so much... so much...” Eric whispered urgently.  “Let me show you, Heart.  Let me prove to you you’re the only one for me.   Please Heart,” he choked... “help me forget she touched me... ”


Heart froze. 

She suddenly realized Eric didn’t want to make love just to express his feelings for her, but also to wipe the memory of being with Dream from his mind and purge the feel of Dream’s flesh from his body.   

The thought was repulsive to Heart, and she couldn’t help it... she pushed Eric away. 


Heart:  “No.  I can’t, Eric.”

Eric:  “But Heart... you...  I thought you said you didn’t hate me.”

Heart:  “I don’t hate you, Eric.  I don't... but I can’t let you make love to me now.  Not this soon after what happened.  I just...”


“ I just can’t.”


Then it was Heart’s turn to cry while Eric held her. 



More to come...

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